All New MacBook Air With Enhanced Features

MacBook Air With Enhanced

All New MacBook Air With Enhanced Features MacBook Air is known to be the most sleek, thin and stylish product launched by Apple. It is undoubtedly the most sought after technology users worldwide. This product seems to be the most innovative when it comes to notebook design. The latest news that came across about this notebook is that the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air are updated with enhanced features and technology. Apple has announced the updates in the WWDC. It is said to be powered with 4th Gen processors, enhanced battery power, quick flash storage and larger storage space. Let us find out about the latest additions and features that the updated MacBook Air has to offer.

Haswell Processors
The most essential component of any mobile device is the processor. Apple has made ample improvements in the processor. The announcement made by Apple is all about the 4th Gen ULT processor (dual-core). Both the models are loaded with Haswell platform by Intel. Additionally, both the models are powered with 4GB RAM.

Other things include Core i5 Processor clocked at 1.3GHz. If you are willing to shell out $150 extra then you will be able to upgrade it to Core i7 with 1.3GHz.

40% Improved Graphics
Apple has added Haswell processors to its upgraded product and this comes handy for providing better graphics. It gives you enhanced 5000 HD Graphics by Intel. When we compare it to the previous version it only had 4000 HD Graphics now it seems that Apple has improved twice in number. This directly translates to 40% improved graphics performance. This brings the product on par with a GPU on the entry level.

Enhanced Battery Power
With the additional hardware provided by Intel, the overall performance of the unit has increased quite a lot. This indicates that even the battery power is affected. Now you will be able to take advantage of 7 hours additional battery power. 9 hours battery power is provided with the 11-inch unit. This means that you will be easily able to carry on with tasks involving graphics and other such battery draining activities without it impacting on the performance. Apple has claimed about 8 hours movie playback time with iTunes.

We all know that larger chassis gives space to more battery and translates to enhanced battery power. 13-inch MacBook Air is capable of providing space for a larger battery. This means that earlier the unit could only give you 7 hours of battery life now with the upgrade you will be easily able to pull through with 12 hours of battery power. Additionally, for all those who like streaming movies they too can enjoy nonstop 10 hours of movie playback time.

According to rumors that are rampant online, Apple may provide a flat 30-day standby. It is yet to be confirmed officially.

802.11ac Wi-Fi
The second most essential task undertaken by Apple is to enhance the speed of internet connectivity. Both the MacBook Air models now consist of a beefed up 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity option. This is the latest in wireless connectivity that offers three times more speed as against 802.11n standard version of Wi-Fi. With this latest inclusion of Wi-Fi version it would be really easy to enjoy fast internet on your notebook.

At present 802.11ac is not readily available in the technology market. But Apple has released the AirPort Extreme with 802.11ac version.

Better Internal Storage
The pricing for 11- and 13-inch models of MacBook Air is unchanged. However, when it comes to internal storage, the flash memory that was 64GB earlier has now been upgraded to 128GB. This was an expected addition along with larger capacity of both the units. This undoubtedly gives you 45% better and faster flash storage as compared to the earlier version of MacBook Air.

Price and Availability
The upgraded version of the 11-inch MacBook Air is powered with Intel 4th-Generation hardware with 128GB memory. This unit is priced at $999. The 13-inch model that is powered with 4th-Generation processor has an internal storage of 128GB available at $1,099. You can order any of these models from the Apple Store.

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