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"Your Own Ebooks Just Mouse Clicks Away!"
but you will also learn...
"Why Most Ebook Writers Lose As Much As 78%Of Their Profits Because Of Information Theft (Sometimes Mistakenly Called "Sharing") and What You Can Do About It!"
Already Familiar With Ebook Publishing?
Here is why you will fall in love with eBookGold 3.0 and never want to use other ebook publisher software again!
no separate "reader" software required- your compiled ebooks will be self-executable and launch instantaneously, whereas with our competitors' products your customers must install special 'reader' software to view your ebooks.
top-notch security featuresmake it virtually impossible to steal your intellectual property, while other publishers give you very limited protection and make it easy to pass on your ebooks without compensating the author... you!
advanced authenticationlets you register your customers on your website, unlike our competitors that have their promos all over the place (i.e. Armand Morin's Ebook Generator)
no compatibility problemswith the new Windows Service Pack 2, unlike other ebook software programs that have big firewall issues.
supports multimedia contentsuch as Flash, AVIs, WMV and others, while our competitors -- if they at all support them -- require special code that is complicated.
gives you full flexibility- with some other ebook publishers all your pages must have .html extension and use special HTML code "target=____" for external links or they won't work. With eBookGold you don't have this problem!
checks for errors before your compileto avoid unnecessary frustration and changes back and forth - other programs don't do that.
Here is what Marlon Sanders (of Amazing Formula fame) had to say about eBookGold 3.0:
" Simon's eBookGold is making delivering our products a snap. We had BIG firewall related incompatibility issues with the new Windows Service Pack 2 and our prior vendor. Simon's program works perfectly. It also only requires 1 unlock code for a set of CDs, where our prior vendor required a separate code for each CD -- causing a lot of customer service issues. I highly recommend eBookGold. "
But don't just take Marlon's word for it - try eBookGold 3.0 today at zero risk with our 30-day money-back guarantee. You will be glad you did.
Dear Internet Friend,
What do you think is the greatest moneymaking opportunity in the world, right now? What do you think has spawned more millionaires than ever in the history of the world? Let me give you a hint...
The wealthiest people in the world used to be those who owned physical, tangible things, such as oil, metals or real estate. (Take Howard Hughes or Andrew Carnegie, for example.)
But since then, things have drastically changed!
Today, the wealthiest people in the world own... NOTHING! Well, nothing physical, that is. Most millionaires - even billionaires! - own intangibles, like stocks, software and of course, information!
But you don't need to become a Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Stephen King to make obscene amounts of money... You, too, can cram your pockets with profits when you piggy-back on their wealth secrets!
Sure, these people didn't become millionaires overnight. But with the help of the Internet, even the "little guy" can rake in an absolutely outrageous fortune with very little money, time or effort...
How? Through digital self-publishing!
In fact, with the help of the Internet, the self-publishing business is now the easiest, quickest, cheapest and safest business to make oodles of cash extremely fast! All you need are the right tools.
Why 93% of What You Learn is a Bunch of Bull...
Most people think that publishing, and specifically self-publishing, is expensive, time-consuming and extremely difficult to promote. Sure, it is if you're looking to publish a book in the "real world."
But today, making carloads of cash has never been easier!
With the help of the Internet and ultra-sophisticated software like eBook Gold 3.0, cranking a mind-blowing $1,000, $3,000 or even $10,000 a month - almost immediately, too! - is super-simple.
Electronic books are all the rage right now - giving anyone with a computer the ability to create an insane fortune fast! But why are ebooks so popular and profitable? Well, there are many reasons.
For starters, digital self-publishing gives you complete control!
There are virtually no costs! There's NO postage needed, NO printing required, NO shipping and handling necessary and NO inventory to manage. Plus, there are NO commissions or royalties to pay out...
... You reap 100% of the profits!
Second, the time it usually takes to create, market and sell ebooks is dramatically cut down. Publishing ebooks can be done lightning fast! In fact, with eBook Gold 3.0, it only take about two minutes!
But there's more to that. Here's what I mean: as opposed to the offline publishing world, there are no inconvenient hoops to jump through in order to finally getting your book published.
As an example, there's no need to send your manuscript to some publishing house or literary agent, all with the hope of getting your book approved and finally published... No more rejection letters!
There Is One Problem Though...
It's called information theft (sometimes mistakenly called "sharing") and here's how it works:
You sell your ebook to your customers.
They read your ebook and love it...
... So they pass it on to their friends.
Their friends read your ebook and think it's great.
They share it with the people they know.
Your ebook spreads like a virus all over the Internet.
Problem is, you don't get paid a dime for it.
This sad scenario happens all too often. Internet pirates and info thefts are thriving on free information they've never spent a cent for, while the authors don't get paid a cent for their effort.
Not anymore!
eBook Gold 3.0 introduces new iron-clad security features which effectively prevent info thiefs, Internet pirates and Net burglars from "sharing" your content and stealing the money that rightfully belongs to you!
Take a look at some of them:
Security Feature #1: eBook Lock
This revolutionary security feature uses advanced algorithms to "lock" your ebook to your customer's computer, so when they "share" it with their friends, it simply won't work! This is great for you as an author, as it means "more revenue". Why? These potential pirates will be forced to buy the ebook from you instead of "borrowing it"! Security Feature #2: One-click ebook deactivation
Suppose that your customer has requested a refund on the ebook she bought from you. Her access to your information should be forfeited, but it's not possible with regular ebook creators. However, with eBookGold you can simply deactivate that ebook and it will become unavaiable to your customer!
(of course, you can reactivate it later if you wish!) Security Feature #3: Prevent your customers from using "copy" & "paste"
With ebooks created by most ebook software it's easy for your customers to steal your content by using built-in "copy" and "paste" feature.
With eBookGold you can disable this feature so your users cannot "copy" and "paste" your information! It's up to you! Security Feature #4: Disable "drag" & "drop" of your images
This unique feature prevents your customers from stealing your images by dragging them from your ebook and dropping them in an image editor or a file folder.
With eBookGold you are able to decide whether you want to share your intellectual property with your customers or not! Security Feature #5: Toggle Printing "On" or "Off"... It's up to you!
With eBookGold you decide whether you want your users to be able to print contents of your ebook or not. Changing this setting is just a mouse-click away! Security Feature #6: Hardcore Encryption!
eBookGold automatically encrypts your content, your HTML files, even entire directory structures with a proprietary encryption that's almost impossible to crack!
You can rest assured that digital burglars won't be able to snatch your valuable information! Order your copy of eBook Gold 3.0 NOW!
You Can Publish Your Way to Profits...
With eBookGold you publish your own book (and as many books as YOU want) the way YOU want it, when YOU want it and sell them for as much as YOU want to! In fact, you set your own prices! It's powerful stuff!
People crave information... But they also want it FAST! That's the beauty of the Internet! People are hungry for knowledge... And they're more so for anything that will help solve a problem.
I was able to earn a way-above-average income... You can, too! If you finally want a "crack" at making money, and at becoming either a prolific writer or a millionaire marketer, order eBook Gold now!
However, if you're curious, let me share with you my story...
How I've Went From an Average Job to Making a Fortune... YOU Can, Too!
A few years ago I worked at a 9-to-5 J.O.B. ("just over broke") for a computer magazine and earning an average wage. But since then, things have changed!
Yesterday, I woke up at 11:00 o'clock in the morning, checked my email in my underwear and learned that I earned over $2,000 in pure profit that day alone...
Heck, it was just 11:15 AM, too!
As CEO of GetResponse, the world's most powerful autoresponders service, I've successfully introduced tons of digital products that pull in over $1,000,000 a year!
Today, we currently serve a network of over 21.6 million people! I am not saying this to brag... But rather, I want to show you the enormous potential behind the information-driven economy.
Plus, I'm no genius and I don't have some special degree. So, anyone can do it! None of my products are tangible, stocked or shipped... All of them are delivered in real-time, automatically, over the web!
Out of about one million dollars in yearly sales, my shipping expenses are $0! Zip! Nadda. Zilch.
Imagine... I have NO materials to buy, NO payrolls to maintain, NO quality control checks to make and NO overhead expenses at all. Plus, after two short years, people are still buying my products in droves!
And like me, you can easily create a fully automated, home-based business that earns you between $100 to $1,000 or more on a daily basis, without the need to hard-sell anyone or for any additional effort!
That's precisely what eBook Gold will help you do!
Don't Know What to Write About?
With the Internet at your fingertips, finding topics on which to write, doing some research to find content ideas and putting together an ebook in your own words can all be done easily and quickly!
Sure, there are copyright laws. So, NEVER plagiarize! But...
... Keep in mind that copyright protects the way ideas are expressed and not the ideas themselves. Nothing stops you from doing a bit of research and putting ideas down into a book in your own words!
That's why the best, simplest and most profitable types of books consist of "how-to" information. You can easily write a "how-to" book on any topic imaginable! Just look at some of your...
Favorite hobbies,
Past experiences,
Special skills
Unique knowledge,
Or topics that interest you...
... And do some research. Then, just start writing. You'll be well on your way! Don't worry about typos or grammatical errors. (You can check those or have someone check those for you at a later time.)
Remember that online, people crave information... And they want it fast, too! If you help solve a problem, the likelihood that a demand exists for what you want to write about is HUGE! For instance...
Do you know how to write resumes better than most people?
Do you own any special or exotic recipes for Italian food?
Do you have a knack for building wooden bird feeders?
Are you particularly skilled in finding good flea market deals?
Are you a "clean-freak" with a talent for organizing closets?
Or are you a bit of an expert on the topic of losing weight?
It doesn't matter. And I'll prove to you how easy it is to sell a $35 information product, over and over again, on any topic imaginable - and turn your bank account into an overflowing fountain of cash!
There are so many different types of information products. For example, with eBook Gold 3.0 you can write and publish...
Media kits
Training manuals
Special reports
Article collections
"Portable" websites
Software help files
... You name it! If your infoproduct tackles a niche market, discusses a popular topic or offers some "how-to" advice, then your chances of making a killing are extremely high! Why wait? Order yours now!
How to Turn Your Brains Into Cash!
With eBook Gold 3.0, your income potential is simply unlimited! Take my friend Lee Benson, for example: here's what he did - and what YOU can do, too! - to generate an outrageous, residual income...
Think of an information product
- it can be anything, from gardening tips to how to save on your taxes. Lee developed a guide to profiting on the Internet with electronic newsletters (or "ezines"). It took him just a little over two weeks to write.
Create your pages
- just write them out in your favorite word processor or HTML editor (like Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver, FrontPage or whatever), and save them into HTML format.
Then, compile your book
- load up our powerful eBook Gold software and, with the click of a button, it'll convert all of your HTML pages into a single, self-contained executable file that can run on any Windows PC platform. It's child's play!
Put the ebook on your website
- my friend Lee charges his clients $47 for private access to a special download page, so that they can retrieve his ebook immediately after ordering.
Best of all, he does absolutely no work yet his product sells like hotcakes, night and day, like clockwork! In fact, in four months he sold over 1,300 orders for his $47 ebook. That's a cool $61,000!
Here's what he wrote and told me:
> Simon, your software is superb! I was stuck with > the dilemma of finding an easy way to package my > information. It started with an idea, and two > weeks later I had created a product that would go > on to make over $200,000 in sales over the next > year. Your software made my information look > professional, fast to download and easy to use. > > What's more, it saved thousands of dollars in > shipping costs! I've put my sales on auto-pilot, > since offering a digital product requires no > overhead costs whatsoever. I'd actively recommend > your product to anyone wanting to make BIG money > on the Internet, once and for all!
- Lee Benson,Lee knows his stuff... After all, he used eBook Gold to create his EzineTactics ebook that produces a constant stream of passive income of over $7,000 every month. The product sells itself!
YOU, too, can create an information product and watch your bank account bulge! People are making thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Internet selling digital products!
You can easily replicate their success! You don't have to be an expert or a writer to make money selling ebooks.
One of my friends sells a $10 report that took him only two short hours to create! That year, over 2500 people bought it resulting in an additional $25,000 income stream from just two hours of work!
Converting your knowledge, experience or research into an ebook can easily add a cool six-figure annual income into your pockets!
Create Contagious Marketing "Viruses," Too!
With your own information product, you can generate an automated cashflow from your website, with NO overhead. But you can also use it to tap a constant, source of targeted prospects... For FREE!
Here's how: you can use your ebook as a tool for generating traffic and leads. By giving it away for free, and because of the nature of computers, your "file" gets passed around from person to person!
You book thus becomes a viral marketing machine!
So, give your marketing more punch by only giving away your book for free but also giving the recipients the permission to distribute your book freely among their own clients, visitors or subscribers!
People will download and distribute your free ebook, and spread it across the Internet like wildfire! And since your eBook Gold book contains hyperlinks, they are given the opportunity to visit your site.
While your book reads much like an educational tool, it also subtly promotes you, your business or your expertise. Plus, your book is more credible since it doesn't appear like an outright commercial!
Ebooks can also become powerful lead generators because those who visit your website after reading your book are in fact qualifying themselves beforehand. They're already interested in the topic!
You can also offer your book...
As a gift to your current clients who participated in a survey,
As a prize in a contest you're conducting with your affiliates,
As a "thank you" for subscribers who joined your newsletter
Or as a bonus to an existing offer for building perceived value.
The possibilities are endless! If you're convinced enough already and want to start "riding the wave," then don't hesitate... Order your copy of the newly launched eBook Gold 3.0 right now!
Generate Highly Targeted Leads With eBooks!
Did you know that ebooks can also be used for marketing and as market research tools? Sure! Unlike other ebook-creation software, with eBook Gold you can make ebooks dynamic and interactive!
So, you're not limited to plain, static (and boring) HTML!
You can add DHTML, scripts, Flash presentations, plug-ins, sound files, feedback forms... You name it!In fact, here's another example of how you can turn your ebook into a powerful lead generator!
Here's Another Example of How to Use eBooks to Promote Your Business!
Let's say that you own an online used car brokerage that helps people find used car sellers online - or to sell their used cars through web-based classified ads.
Let's also say that you help people find used cars by finding used cars and seller information through web directories or searches based on specified criteria.
So, you write a small 15-page ebook about how to find great deals in used cars... Perhaps also how to negotiate more effectively with car owners - and how to watch out for unsuspecting "lemons."
But here's where your ebook becomes powerful!
While your book offers educational content, at the end you provide a search form asking readers to enter the make, model and year of the car they're looking for, and how much they're willing to pay.
They enter the information, click "submit" and then are instantly redirected to your website where you provide not only search results matching their criteria but also ordering instructions for instant access!
In other words, they must order your online service in order to gain access to car-specific data, such as...
A particular seller's contact information,
Additional information on (or picture of) the car,
Quick comparison charts with other offers,
Car-specific "quality" (or mechanical) ratings,
Government lien verifications on the car,
Previous ownership or accident checks,
Financing information and applications,
Insurance quotes and rate comparisons...
... And so on! If not, since they're there they will likely stay at your website and browse around for more!
But here's the kicker... Since your book offers great content, people will pass it around for you... In email, on message boards, through websites and so on!
No matter what type of business you're in, you can use ebooks as powerful magnets that will attract tons of targeted visitors without lifting a finger!
If you want that kind of marketing leverage for your business or website, why not eBook Gold 3.0
Here's What You Get With eBook Gold 3.0
The all-new, power-packed, feature-rich eBook Gold 3.0 is an amazing software that will help you to transform your brains into products - so you can easily build continuous streams of income!
With your eBook Gold 3.0, very little maintenance is required. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface can turn anyone, regardless of computer experience, into a profitable, self-made digital publisher!
There are literally hundreds of uses for digital infoproducts!
eBook Gold produces better quality final products as well as smaller file sizes, cutting down on costs and boosting your profits! You get...
Unlimited ebook creation. With your eBook Gold 3.0 software, you can make one OR one million ebooks... It's entirely up to you! Each ebook you make is royalty-free, which means you can sell your own products and keep 100% of the profits!
Attractive, professional design. Some ebook creators look "bulky" and downright ugly on the screen. Not eBook Gold 3.0! If you sell your own ebooks, you want them to look professional and crystal-clear. Impress your customers instantly!
Customizable ebook "labeling." Add titles, author names, clickable email addresses, website URLs and book descriptions with each book you create - just like a regular book's jacket! But the beauty is that it adds credibility and brand identity!
Personalizable icon. Your digital infoproduct is an executable file. But like a program you install on your computer, your book will also have its own icon that people can click on to read it! Choose from a pre-designed selection or add your own!
Different screen mode options. Do you want your ebook to open up into a full browser-like window? Or do you want it to open up at a specific resolution, perhaps for presentations? You have full control over how you want your book to look!
Minimum file size. Your ebooks will download faster and take up less space than any other ebook-creation software on the market. If you're offering downloadable ebooks from your website, that means you'll pay even less in bandwidth fees! Create a book that's less than a hundred kilobytes in size!
Add different files types. A "good" website is not just a bunch of plain, static HTML files. It's active AND interactive. Similarly, with eBook Gold 3.0 you can add graphics, scripts, Flash, DHTML, XML and even true type fonts to make your book come alive!
Make your ebooks dynamic and interactive. Add even greater interactivity by including feedback forms and dynamic content. Add subscribers to your ezine, conduct polls, run contests and more. Use your ebook as the perfect market research tool!
Full HTML 4.0 support with plug-ins. With the single click of a button, you can include Flash files, Shockwave presentations, Java Applets, sound files or any other plug-ins. Drive readers' actions by making your ebook more compelling and dynamic!
Complete window customization. You decide how your ebook looks. You can choose to have your ebook open up in a regular browser-like window or in a customized interface you design (called "skin"). And you can also add different borders, styles and buttons. Give your ebook brand identity and character!
Stop would-be content thieves. You can secure your book in many ways. If you want to disable a reader's right-click button in order to prevent source viewing and text copying, or run the ebook in full-screen mode only, you can do so... What's more, NONE of these powerful options increase file size!
Prevent pirating. Keep your infoproducts safe from would-be pirates, non-customers and prying eyes by using eBook Gold 3.0 advanced embedded encryption feature that lets you lock your book with a password. Only paying customers get access!
Customized per-page security. What about offering an entire book for free (as a demo, perhaps), but locking specific pages with a password, which forces people to buy the book in order to read the rest? You can! Lock as many pages as you wish!
Full control over your ebook's presentation. Customize the look and feel of your ebook's events. In other words, create a splash screen that appears when your book is opened or closed, and use it to reiterate a copyright notice, encourage readers to visit a website or make them a special offer!
Complete control over the finished product. Unlike other ebook creation software, you can also add a whole host of user options - such as enabling (or disabling) the ability to print your pages, running the ebook in a variety of "modes," and deciding exactly how your ebook looks and acts!
Choice of home page and table of contents. You're not limited to content. You can easily add and specify a "start page" and "table of contents," which will be linked to and work in concert with your ebook's navigation buttons. Very professional!
Embedded tutorials and FREE updates. eBook Gold 3.0 also carries tons of additional features, such as learn-as-you-go tutorials and online updates - at the click of a button, you always make sure you have the latest and greatest version of the eBook Gold 3.0 series!
And much more!
Sure, there are other ebook creation packages out there... But I can guarantee you that NONE of them is as feature-intense and can create such small-sized, attractive final products like eBook Gold.
What's more, we use a foolproof point-and-click interface that lets you create your ebook in just two minutes flat -NO additional skills needed, NO experience necessary and NO extra effort required!
OK, Let's Wrap This Up...
Let me ask you the following questions: are you...
Searching for a product to sell with a 100% profit margin?
Looking to beef up your online profits drastically and quickly?
Exploring for the ultimate rock-solid way to make money?
Attempting to drive targeted, eager prospects to your site?
Investigating ways to gain instant credibility, fame and trust?
Searching for ways to boost your opt-in email mailing list?
Or trying to find no-cost ways to conduct market research?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, eBook Gold 3.0is for you! If you plan to make money online or wish to make more, you must add eBook Gold 3.0to your marketing toolbox!
Not only will it allow you to create your own hot infoproducts that you can sell for pure profit, but by offering free ebooks to website visitors and as bonuses to your clients, you will profit even more!
So, let's cut the chase.eBook Gold 3.0 gives you complete power and lets you create unlimited ebooks. But how much is it worth to you to produce unlimited moneymaking products at a 100% profit?
How much is it worth to you to generate far more targeted leads to your website or business? And how much are you willing to pay for such as powerful, moneymaking tool? $1,000? $500? Or $300?
Not even close! Order eBook Gold 3.0 for the low price of $194.
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My 100% Satisfaction, Full Money Back, Bullet-Proof, One-Month Guarantee!
I'm so confident that you'll be 100% satisfied with eBook Gold that I'm prepared to take all the risk forYOU. Therefore, when you order eBook Gold 3.0you will have a full 30 days to try it out!
Package your products together, post free bonuses on your site or create the next bestseller... However you wish! Within one month, if you're not totally delighted I want you to request a full refund...
... I'll personally give you back every single red cent!
Listen closely. My company has over 230,000 active customers and serves a growing network of over 21 million people. All my products are backed by my personal reputation... My income is on the line!
So, eBook Gold 3.0 is totally risk-FREE... You don't like it? You'll get a 100% refund. NO questions. NO hassles. NO hard feelings. But if you're still not convinced, here's more for a limited time...
Waste no more time. Your brain is packed full of ideas waiting to be converted into profitable infoproducts. There's a multimillion dollar market out there. Isn't it time you get your fair share?
eBook Gold 3.0Ordering is completely safe and secure.
You'll get instant access to download your eBook Gold ebook creator within 25 seconds or less - and your bonuses will be available to you immediately as well! So, don't wait... Your success awaits!

easy way to make money

Considering that the great Studio Traffic had been running for nearly two years when I made my debut, I was a latecomer to the get paid to auto surf scene. When I first started to take notice of the get paid to auto surf sites, I looked at the possibilities, did a double-take, looked again and wondered where the catch might be. Surely, I thought, there must be a catch, or can it really be that simple? I'll spare you the suspense and tell your right from the start that the answer was yes, it really is as simple as it appears. Before you go rushing off to spend money with auto surf for cash programmes, let me just stress that it is simple but that is not the same as saying that every get paid to auto surf site is safe. Crossing the road is pretty simple but, if you fail to look out for approaching traffic, it certainly isn't safe. Jumping out of a plane is simple but, if you don't get a parachute and a course of instructions, it's far from safe. So don't try auto surfing for cash at home until you have read the rest of this.
Of course, at the start, I didn't know the answer and I toddled off into the realms of get paid to auto surf, taking baby step investments and breathing sighs of relief every day when the get paid to auto surf sites appeared and I knew my tiny investments were still safe. Considering the idiotic abandon with which I embraced the dreadful money doubler phenomenon, it might seem strange that I was so wary when it came to the auto surf for cash experience. Maybe I learned my lesson from the amount of money I wasted on the money doublers. (By the way, if you happen to know my husband, there is absolutely no need for you to mention to him anything about me and money doubler programmes. Really, no need at all.)
Don't get the wrong impression through me mentioning money doublers and get paid to auto surf programmes in the same article. The auto surf for cash sites are in no way related to the money doublers or run by the same people. The one thing the two types of programme have in common is that they are very easy to do but, whereas money doublers were pure scams, get paid to auto surf sites are real online businesses where you can make money at home. The webmasters and webmistresses who own get paid to auto surf sites are, in the main, honest hard-working people, who want to have a thriving business which will bring them an ongoing income for the future. I'm not saying all auto surf for cash sites are run by saints, the owners are just ordinary people who want to make a living on the Internet, and the industry (like any other) has its share of rogues and thieves who will take your money and run, plus a few inept webmasters who just have no idea how to run a business and lose everyone's money.
So, you might ask, how do I take sensible precautions against getting stung? The answer, like most things, is simple! Investigation is the answer. If you like the look of a get paid to auto surf site, join as a free member and check out the forum (if there is one). Surf to test the quality of surfing and don't invest if the surfbar is unpredictable. Email the owner to ask about the site. If you get no reply, drop the site there and then: any website owner who takes a pride in his business will respond to a member's enquiry. If you get a terse reply, pointing out that the answer to your dumb question is in the site faq's, this is still good: an abrupt reply probably means the owner is busy or has got sick of answering the same stupid questions. The point is that he is human and bothered to respond. Don't even think of giving your money to someone who ignores you from day one.
Do an Internet search for forums concerned with making money online, make money at home, auto surfing, get paid to programmes etc. Read what the members are saying about the sites you are thinking of joining as this is usually a good indicator of whether the site is growing or declining. Don't, however, totally rely on the opinion of forum members because the posts often tend to be a bit hysterical and they are, of course, the voicing of personal opinions and not a handing down of the wisdom of gurus.
Check out get paid to auto surf review sites. I don't mean the one page free websites that have been built simply to advertise one person's choice of programmes and build a downline. Look for serious reviews which are regularly updated, these are more likely to be written by dedicated surfers. There are some very good ones around now: I came across one just this week, where you can sign up for a course of get paid to auto surf lessons and a weekly newsletter. This sort of service takes real energy and commitment. If you read a few of these get paid to auto surf review sites, you will get a feeling for which of them belong to dedicated surfers and which are the work of sloppy amateurs who half the time don't even notice when their recommended programmes have closed down.
Another thing you can do to make life as an auto surfer for cash safer is to tread the path which has already been smoothed out, tiptoe in the footsteps of the people who are already making money from auto surfing. If it is working for them, copy what they do and listen to their advice. The foremost piece of advice any decent auto surfer for cash will give you is "don't ever use cash you could not afford to lose", the second most valuable piece of advice is probably "spread your investments". If you are prepared to be patient, you can build up a decent income from small investments spread over several get paid to auto surf programmes. This way you can enjoy the get paid to auto surf experience and make some money without living in fear of your life savings being carried out to sea on the virtual surf.
Copyright 2005 Elaine Currie

Clip Video Game



Dr.Web computer security solutions Protection of desktops Best-of-breed technology implemented in the product line of the Dr.Web family is able to supply ‘corporate-strength’ protection against all major Internet security threats. Doctor Web, Ltd. takes great pride in its products available in a variety of solutions targeting both SMB customers and nation-wide networks. So much so, military and state institutions, universities and research institutes trust the protection of Dr.Web Anti-virus. * Dr.Web Enterprise Suite * Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows * Dr.Web Anti-spam for Windows * Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux * Dr.Web console scanners for Unix\DOS\OS/2\Windows Protection of file servers Dr.Web solutions for file servers are highly performant tools for anti-virus protection of information stored on servers running under Windows\Samba\Novell NetWare. They secure the unconquerable barrier in the way of any type of contemporary threats — be it viruses, Trojan programs, or unsolicited or potentially dangerous software. They combine exceptionally fast scanning speed of large masses of information with minimal load over the operating system — both in the real time mode and on administrator’s demand. * Dr.Web for file servers Windows NT\2000\2003 Server * Dr.Web for file servers Unix * Dr.Web for file servers Novell NetWare Protection of mail servers Dr.Web security products for mail servers are truly unique. They can meet the demands of both small and large companies offering protection for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris(x86) mail servers. Due to the multi-threaded scanning function Dr.Web for mail servers can process huge volumes of e-mails near instantaneously. Combination of huge virus database and constantly perfecting heuristic analyzer there is not chances for viruses, including micro viruses, Trojan Horses and other malware to penetrate into users’ computers via e-mails. * Dr.Web for Unix mail servers (Anti-virus&Anti-spam) * Dr.Web Anti-virus for Unix mail servers * Plug-in for CommuniGate Pro (under Windows) Protection of Internet gateways Dr.Web for Unix gateways is a high-performance solution for scanning the traffic incoming to internal networks via HTTP or FTP. It enables an administrator to establish a comprehensive protection against viral threats hiding inside the incoming web traffic, secures delivery of safe content inside the local network, efficiently counteracts penetrations of maliciously intended programs of any kind via an Internet gateway.

Anti-keylogger Elite 3.3.3

Anti-Keylogger Elite(AKE) is a utility designed to detect keyloggers and give you the power to Prevent Or Allow the keylogger to function. AKE can prevent known and unknown keyloggers from infiltrating your computer Logging everything you type on your keyboard and see on screen. Keyloggers are created to let others spy on what you are doing at any time and either store the information for the person to obtain it later or send it over the internet to their computer. Keyloggers are more of a threat than people give them credit: Keyloggers log everything that you type including Usernames, Passwords, Credit Card Numbers, Private and confidential information. They can also now take lots of pictures of your computer\'s screen so that they can monitor and \"See\" everything that you do. There is a way to stop it, You can use AKE to give you all round protection from all these threats. Basic Function List · Detecting keyloggers by their actions in real-time, no scan time needed, no update needed. · Blocking keylogger to log anything even it looks like they are running normal. · Lists all keylogger programs detected by AKE. · All rules can been modified and deleted. · Password protection for openning and uninstalling AKE. · Auto block keyloggers, no manual needed. · Displaying Notification box when keyloggers detected. · Logging to file is supported. Advance Function List · Kernel mode protection, detecting and blocking kernel mode keyloggers. · The AKE can block all privacy threats in your system, they are Keylogger, Password thief, Screen Shooter and Clipboard logger. All of them are very dangerous for your security and privacy. · Secure keyboard for high level privacy inputting. It can cross these type of threats: All hardware keyboard loggers; Windows kernel level keyloggers;Windows application level keyloggers and windows message hooks. Supported OS ·AKE works on Windows 2000 Sp4, Windows XP Sp1 Sp2, Windows 2003.

McAfee IntruShield v4.1.1.15

Unrivaled simplicity teams up with proven protection against a broad range of attacks and threats for any size business with the powerful McAfee IntruShield Security Manager (ISM). Centrally manage your McAfee IPS sensors and policies in real time through our enhanced wizard-based interface. A single, hardened plug-and-play appliance offers user-friendly, hassle-free web-based IPS management.

Secure Disk Ver. 2.1 with Patch

Secure Disk provides the ultimate security standard for encryption at the physical sector level. Based on the most secure technology, AES256, this product is an outstanding data security tool. Another great feature is the support of flash media and USB hard disk drives, so that no one will be able to access your data if you lose it.

AVG Internet Security 7.5 Build 441a919

Complete security protection against all of the most serious Internet threats, including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, hackers and spam. Compatible with Windows Vista! Includes * Anti-Virus protects from viruses, worms and trojans * Anti-Spyware protects from spyware, adware and other malicious programs * Anti-Spam filters spam and protects against phishing attacks * Firewall protects from hackers

Norton Internet Security 2007 version

Norton Internet Security™ 2007 antivirus software offers protection against the latest online threats such as hackers, spyware, phishing and much more. Read the technologies and features that make Norton Internet Security™ 2007 a leading antivirus software solution. * Protection for up to 3 PCs* * Blocks online identity theft * Detects and eliminates spyware * Removes viruses and Internet worms * Protects against hackers

Horizon DataSys ExeLockdown v5.01 Retail

A Proactive Way To Block Spyware, Malware, Viruses & Unwanted Applications... Exe Lockdown has been designed for PC users who require proactive protection against the installation of unauthorized applications. Allowing users to run trusted applications, while preventing the execution of non-trusted programs. Executable Lockdown protects PC’s by locking-down your existing "trusted" applications... All new executables, introduced via any media source. (physical or removable drives, network shares, USB drives, Internet ftp etc.) will not launch unless it is listed within your administrative "Allowed" executables list. Exe lockdown acts as an executable white-list-filter. Its’ small kernel mode driver, filters all executable files; regardless of its file extension ie.exe .com .dll .drv .sys .dpl etc... Watch Exe Lockdown in action: :: Exe Lockdown Prevents Kazaa from executing. :: Enforce corporate & educational AUP's (Authorized Users Policy) :: Prevent Identity Theft :: Proactive Virus, Keylogger and Spyware Protection :: Group Management and Network Deployment features :: Cost Effective EXE Lockdown has been designed for ease of use. Out of the box, a control panel applet is installed which allows for the configuration to be quickly modified. By default the program files and winnt/windows directories are added which in many cases is all that is required to make a secured, yet functional system. EXE Lockdown protects your PC all the time regardless of what user is logged in. To install software, or run executables from un-trusted locations, the administrator can utilize the control panel to stop the driver and briefly interrupt filtering while the software is installed. Exe Lockdown also protects tasks running in the SYSTEM account.

Kingsoft Internet Security 2007 RTM v7.6.0.19 (use + update forever)

Kingsoft Internet Security 2007 include: - AntiVirus Protection, - Personal Firewall Protection, - AntiSpyware and Trojan Protection, - AntiSpam Protection, - Security Analysis Protection. The 3 core antivirus engines provide a heuristic approach to network analysis and file access activity. Multi layer firewall control of both in and out-bound traffic, plus program and process communication profiling for the advanced user. Kingsoft Personal Firewall provides you with a "program access locking control" to profile which of your programs and services can send and receive information to the Internet. You can set the rules to suit your needs or let the system configure them for you. For more advanced users you can configure, monitor and profile the network activity via Interface, Application, Connection and Socket, providing total confidence in the flow of in and outbound network traffic. Configuring your network profile via low level connections is an ideal way to control network activity for the network professional. Automatically schedule a scan with complete confidence or manually scan your drives as you choose. The scan will initiate an exhaustive analysis of your storage devices for virus like applications and pre-defined definitions sent from our labs 3 times a day. Kingsoft antivirus has a new approach against suspicious software communication, virus embedding and distributed attacks on PC's across networks happening on a daily basis. In fact, there are 3 antivirus scanning engines working together to provide a general picture of an applications activities, together with a large and dedicated research and development team at our Beijing headquarters providing daily modifications to a virus library that's automatically updated and plugged-in over the Internet. With the constant attack on systems, software and network and browser exploits Spyware and privacy scanning uses a standard and heuristic approach to mal-ware attempting to access resources on your PC.

Norton AntiBot v1.0 (Final)

Norton AntiBot software was designed to provide you with instant and constant threat protection by automatically detecting and removing bots, spyware, adware, and other forms of malicious programs withoutNorton AntiBot software was designed to provide you with instant and constant threat protection by automatically detecting and removing bots, spyware, adware, and other forms of malicious programs without scanning your PC.scanning your PC. With Norton AntiBot, malware threats are totally removed from your PC and prevented from reinstalling themselves, making it safe for you to connect to the internet.With Norton AntiBot, malware threats are totally removed from your PC and prevented from reinstalling themselves, making it safe for you to connect to the internet. Features:Features : - Adds an extra layer of protection against emerging threats.- Adds an extra layer of protection against emerging threats. - Blocks PC hijacking attempts.Blocks-PC hijacking attempts. - Stops and removes malicious bots.- Stops and removes malicious bots. - Is compatible with other security products as an added layer of protection against bots and other emerging threats.- Is compatible with other security products as an added layer of protection against bots and other emerging threats. - Actively monitors your PC 24x7, so it's always protected.- Actively monitors your PC 24x7, so it's always protected. - Removes detected Web robots and other malicious software, even at deep levels of your Windows system.- Removes detected Web robots and other malicious software, even at deep levels of your Windows system. - Protects against emerging variants of bots and other malicious software - without relying completely on protection updates.- Protects against emerging variants of bots and other malicious software-without relying completely on protection updates. - Has minimal impact on your PC's performance, so you can continue to work and play normally.- Has minimal impact on your PC's performance, so you can continue to work and play normally. - Detects malicious software at the deepest levels of your Windows system in real time to defeat hidden attacks that other products can't tackle.- Detects malicious software at the deepest levels of your Windows system in real time to defeat hidden attacks that other products can not tackle. - Blocks PC hijacking attempts to protect your computer.Blocks-PC hijacking attempts to protect your computer. - Stops and removes malicious bots before they can cause damage or steal personal information.- Stops and removes malicious bots before they can cause damage or steal personal information. - Adds an extra layer of protection against emerging threats, which helps stop "zero-day" attacks.- Adds an extra layer of protection against emerging threats, which helps stop zero-day "attacks.

Comodo Firewall V. Publisher

Comodo Firewall is a personal firewall that filters ingoing and outgoing traffic on your computer. It alerts you of any applications that attempts to connect to the Internet and allows you to permanently or temporarily allow or block the connection. Advanced users can customize the application and TCP/IP rules based on IP address, protocol and destination port, however this is not required unless you have a reason to customize the rules. In addition to application behavior and network connections, Comodo Firewall also monitors components (dll files etc.) that initiate network connections, as well as parent processes and modifications to executables (checksum verification). Other features include attack prevention (port scanning, flooding), adjustable security levels, trusted networks, activity log and more. Comodo Firewall is easy to use for novice users, but includes enough flexibility via custom rule settings that allow advanced users to tweak it for their needs. The program requires a free registration after 30 days.

Lock My PC

Lock My PC is an easy in use, powerful and compact tool to lock your computer from unauthorized use. When you leave your computer unattended, the program disables the hot keys (including Ctrl+Alt+Del), mouse, locks CD/DVD ROM doors and displays a lock screen. Nobody can access your system without providing the correct unlock password. Features and benefits: - Quick and safe computer lock by hot key, or mouse click - Autolock when computer is idle - Correct Ctrl+Alt+Del lock - Bulletproof startup lock (couldn't be bypassed in safe mode) - Different installation mode - setup for home or corporate use - CD/DVD-ROM doors lock - Multi-user support - Multimonitor support - Auto turnoff when computer is locked for a long time - Blind password option - Stealth mode - Windows XP x64 compatibility - Custom lock screens - Cycling lock screen images - Screen saving effects - Lock screen transparency - you can view movies under the locked screen - Password protected settings, quit and uninstall - Command line options - and many more

Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor is a spyware remover and provides real-time anti-spyware protection against spyware, adware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, spyware cookies, adbots, spybots, browser hijackers, and phishing attacks. Additionally it actively protects Web browsing using Internet Explorer with a built-in popup blocker and malicious site guard. Spyware Doctor is easy to use and low on PC resources and its scanning speed is delivered by multiple specialized scanners. Almost any function of Spyware Doctor can be updated through the Live Update process. The OnGuard feature is designed to provide real time protection and deploys several tools that actively monitor and protect the PC from spyware attacks

XoftSpySE ver.4.31.246

XoftSpySE was designed to scan the user's complete computer system to detect spyware parasites and quarantine the infected files for immediate protection. Key features of this software: - Complete PC scanning, including running processes, registry entries, files and folders - Detects and removes: Adware, Spyware, Pop-Up Generators, Keyloggers, Trojans, Hijackers and Malware - 45,000 definitions and growing – one of the largest in the industry - Automatic definition and feature updates - Fast, powerful, and easy to use - Comprehensive customer technical support - Protects against identity and credit card theft .

Ad-Aware SE V. 1.06r1 Publisher

AdAware is a privacy tool, that scans your memory, registry, hard, removable and optical drives for known data-mining, aggressive advertising, and tracking components. It then lists the results and offers to remove or quarantine the components. The program detects a wide range of adware/spyware related issues and can be updated with the latest signatures via the built-in update utility. The free version is strictly a scanner, and does not provide any real-time protection.

XP-AntiSpy V. 3.96-4 Publisher

XP-AntiSpy is a small utility to quickly disable some built-in update and authentication features in WindowsXP that may rise security or privacy concerns in some people. For example, there is a service running in the background which is called Automatic Updates... that may sound useful to most people, but suspicious to others. You can disable all these features manually by going through your configuration, find the settings for each etc. However with XP-AntiSpy there is no need to do this, since it will show you all of them at once and let you choose which ones to disable. Not only will it save you a lot of time disabling them - it will also allow you to quickly re-enable them if you change your mind.


Treasure Island 2

The long awaited sequel to the puzzle game Treasure Island. The long awaited sequel to the puzzle game Treasure Island. Now it's a bright and breathtaking pirate story with colorful graphics and beautiful music. You have a chance to solve the puzzles and find the pirate treasures hidden by old captain Kidd. The gameplay stayed the same - you need to match 3 pirate treasures in a row. We added new elements that give you some extra opportunities.

SolSuite 2007 7.9

SolSuite 2007 is a high-quality collection of 476 solitaire games. All your favorite games are implemented: Spider, Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Busy Aces, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Carpet, Flower Garden, Rouge et Noir, Monte Carlo... and original solitaires that you cannot find elsewhere. Each solitaire has more than nine trillion possible shuffles to play, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play. Enjoy the detailed statistics of each game with graphs, 3D charts (pies and bars) and tables to estimate your skill level (by total, current session, series of wins and losses, players' games won, players' score, hi-scores...), statistics for All Games, Won games, Not Won games, Over Average, Under Average, Not Played... For solitaire lovers, SolSuite 2007 is a guaranteed pleasure. Each of the games is fun and exciting and will keep you entertained for hours. If you like solitaire games, then you'll want to add SolSuite 2007 to your collection! SolSuite 2007's version 7.9 contains: - Spider solitaire games: 19 - FreeCell solitaire games: 13 - Klondike solitaire games: 26 - 254 other solitaire games types! - Solitaire for Children: Over 15 - Original solitaires: More than 145 Changes in SolSuite 2007 - v7.9 (September 10, 2007): • 2 new games (476 games in all): - Q.C. Patience - Razor's Edge • New Graphics available in SolSuite Graphics Pack - Celtic (in the "History" folder) - Dancing Girls (in the "People" folder) - Shakespeare (in the "Art" folder) Homepage - http://www.solsuite.com

Counter Strike 1.5 - No Need Half-Life

Generally the most popular release of Counter-Strike. Radio commands were changed back to only audible by teammates. A delay while landing from jumping was incorporated to discourage "bunny-hopping."

darwin the monkey v1.0

After having his bananas stolen by a nasty tribe of jungle frogs, Darwin must venture deep into the jungle to kick some frog butt and reclaim his dinner! 30 handcrafted levels 6 varied gameplay types Lighthearted family friendly gameplay

The Sims 2 + All Expansion Packs

In the The Sims™ 2, you direct your Sims over a lifetime and mix their genes from one generation to the next. You set your Sims' goals in life; fame, fortune, family, romance or knowledge. Give them a long, successful existence or leave their lives in shambles. Take them to extremes, from getting busted to seeing a ghost, from marrying an alien to writing a great novel. Unleash your creativity with the all-new Create-A-Sim, new building options, and the new in-game movie camera. Get ready to mix their genes, fulfill their dreams, and push them to extremes. What do you want to do with your Sims' lives? Minimum Requirement: 800 MHz processor 256 MB RAM if Windows XP 128 MB RAM if Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000 At least 3.5 gigs of free hard drive space If you have a non-T&L capable video card (such as TNT2, Intel, or Rage for example) then you need at least: 2.0 GHz processor 256 MB RAM if Windows XP 128 MB RAM if Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000 At least 3.5 gigs of free hard drive space Recommened video cards (and the more video memory the better): ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Nvidia Geforce 4 Visit "The Sims 2" official website for a more detailed list. Download password: blabola

Super Jigsaw Lighthouses

You could spend a lifetime at this game and never play the same puzzle the same way twice! But we recommend keeping balance in your life, so check out Mah Jong, too! Features: Play an Hour for Free! Up to 520 Pieces per Puzzle Jigsaw and Square Shapes Configurable Backgrounds Save Puzzles for Later Area Magnification Resizable Playing Surface Show/Hide Non-Edge Pieces Piece Rotation Option System Requirements Windows: - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP - 233MHz or faster Processor - 32MB RAM - 16-bit Graphics and Sound Card

I Spy: Treasure Hunt

Solving I SPY riddles cleverly reveals pieces of three mysterious treasure maps. Once assembled, they lead you on a hunt to discover treasure left behind by legendary pirates. You can join a scavenger hunt by solving picture riddles in various locations around the seaside town of Smuggler's Cove. As you unravels the riddles, you'll find pieces to an old pirate's treasure map. The map presents yet another puzzle, which you must solve before finding the riches. Mesmerizing graphics, three maps, and hundreds of riddles provide hours of game play. With an instruction to play without CD! System requirements: Windows 95 and higher Pentium 133 MHz 32 MB RAM ISO file for burning or mounting

Virtua Tennis 3

The Virtua Tennis series has been well-received by critics and fans for its easy-to-play but difficult-to-master gameplay. With Virtua Tennis 3, the series returns with enhanced photorealistic graphics and advanced player animations that perfectly match the behaviour and mannerisms of individual professional players. Next-generation systems allow gamers to see the most detailed expressions on the faces of their selected players as they battle to win heated tournaments around the world.

Moto Racer 2 - PC Game - 1999

Moto Racer 2 - PC Game - 1999

Alarm For Cobra 11 Hot Pursuit PS2

Confirmed working with SwapMagic 3.6

Kids Games 2007

This is an incredible selection of children’s games Hour’s of fun for the kids • Let’s kids get used to the computer • Nice big button’s so they can get used to mouse control easily • 100s of games

World Domination 2 v1.0

he biggest and best Turn Based Strategy Flash game is BACK, World Domination 2. This time you will have even MORE ways of achieving World Domination. Spies, Diplomacy, Propaganda, or an all-out war with aircraft carriers and submarines. Two actions every turn must be enough to carry out your strategy and plan your path to victory! In this game you fight to achieve World Domination. All the actions are depending on the overall actions with the dynamic Artificial Intelligence. Keep your friends, buy allies and fight the biggest and final War! Do you control the battlefield? You can play this game at 3 different difficulties and against 1, 2, 3 or 4 opponents. This game is never the same and you have to anticipate to survive your opponents!

Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket

Oh, no! Grandma Rose has lost her $488,000,000 winning lottery ticket and can't find it anywhere! Fortunately she's got you, Mystery P.I., on the case! Retrace Grandma's footsteps through 20 unique locations and collect clues by finding cleverly hidden objects and solving brain-bending puzzles. Grandma Rose has agreed to give you a share of her winnings if you can find the ticket before the deadline. But you'd better hurry; you only have 12 hours to find the ticket! Featuring thousands of objects to find, two game modes, and gorgeous full-screen graphics, Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket is the winning pick for family fun!

Disney Kids Games

World Quest - Magical Racing Tour Aladdin Nasira's Revenge World Quest - Magical Racing Tour The gameplay of Disney's Magical Racing Tour is straightforward, fun, and involving. It has the typical cart-racing game setup where you race laps around a track and pick up items like teacups and acorns, which you can launch at your opponents. It's up to you to race with everyone else in the park and collect pieces of the machine so it can be put back together. You can select from a variety of Disney characters such as Chip and Dale, Moe Whiplash, Bruno Biggs, Otto Plugnut, Polly Roger, and Baron Karlott - just to name a few. The game does have a few other characters that are hidden and that can be unlocked by completing the game. Playing as the Disney character is a lot of fun, but the real treat is exploring the levels you get to race through. All 13 of the game's levels are modeled after the popular rides and attractions within the Magic Kingdom, such as Big Thunder Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Each level is altered so that you can race in and through different parts of the attraction. Aladdin Nasira's Revenge Jafar's evil sister, Nasira, has come to the city of Agrabah to revenge her brother's death. She has taken over the Sultan's Palace, and it's up to you as either Aladdin, Jasmine, or Abu to defeat the ruthless sorceress

Disney Kids Games

Tarzan Action Game 24 small disney games Timon & Pumbas Jungle Game

Act of War: High Treason (DVD5-ISO)

High Treason ratchets up the cool gameplay and techno-thriller storytelling that was introduced in Act of War. Released: Mar 2006 Game Type: 3D Strategy Developer: Eugen Systems Publisher: Atari Multiplay: Internet / local network Keywords: real-time / modern / tactical

CURSE: The Eye of Isis

Become Dr. Darien Dane or his assistant Victoria Sutton, as you investigate the mysterious disappearance of an ancient sacred Egyptian statue from the British Museum. This unique statue is protected by an evil curse that resides within it, that causes madness, or violent death, to all those who come in contact with it. The Curse manifests itself by raising the dead and animating diabolical objects. It is up to you to find and return the cursed statue to the pyramid that it should never have been taken from. Are you up for the challenge and the race against time A breathtaking game that combines suspense, terror and action! Immerse yourself in 7 distinct worlds - each more terrifying than the last. Everything is against you, as even the most insignificant of objects will come alive and try to kill you! Third person gameplay and action phases in first person view point. Fight the evil Curse with an arsenal of weapons including: a shotgun, rifle, pistol, truncheon, crossbow, flame-thrower and mortar gun. Play as both Dr. Darien Dane and Victoria Sutton, each with their own missions to complete Windows 98/2000/ME/XP 600 MHz or equivalent 128 MB 4x CD/DVD-ROM Speed 700 MB available Memory Direct3D compatible video card with true Hardware Transform and Lighting capability DirectX 8.0a compatible sound card Keyboard, Mouse

Dragonball Mugen v2.0

As fighting games go this is a fairly well put together game. It is smooth enough, with good good graphics and sound, especially for the size of the download. Of course what makes this Dragonball MUGEN Edition really cool is that it's DragonBall ! All of your favourite characters are here for you to pit agaist each other. I thought it was quite good, and the number of different characters you can play as gives depth.

Puzzlepap 4.0 and over 300 new boards

An installation version of the Puzzlepap 4.0 contains 1 set (50 boards) and here you can also find links to another 250 new boards.Now there is almost 700 boards in total which match Puzzlepap 4.0 Now also for your tots. After significant improvements you can: * split boards into 4, 9, 16, 25 or 36 elements * use external changeable board-sets, (from the Puzzlepap 3.0, too) * use your own private pictures to match * create individual board-sets and share it with others * quickly weave through boards using the Jumper An installation version of the Puzzlepap 4.0 contains 50 marvellous fractal-boards in one set, and you can download many more via Internet. Look after '.hue' files. If you don't have the Puzzlepap 3.0 and previous 10 board-sets, including 380 boards, you can download it from here. Detailed Tutorial included. OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/Vista Minimal hardware requirements: Processor 166 MHz (but if less than 1GHz and lack of DX 7 don't go in menu: Help/About) RAM: 32 MB Resolution 800x600(recommended 1024x768)[/left]

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

First-person shooter, set in the near future, shortly after another disaster in Chernobyl. The authorities surround the area with the Russian equivalent of the U.S. National Guard, and they begin to hear weird screams and rumblings coming from within. After a while, though, most of them are returned to earlier posts. Curiosity also gets the better of some people, so they sneak into the 30-kilometer area to do some good old-fashioned investigating. These people are called Stalkers, and they report back to the authorities with their findings. Combining FPS, adventure, and survival horror genres with on-foot and vehicular action, STALKER features more than 100 NPCs, a large arsenal, and a slew of multiplayer modes. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (C) GSC ─────────────────────────────────────────────────── Release Date : 03-18-2007 Protection : SecuROM Release Type : DVD Game Genre : Action ─────────────────────────────────────────────────── More Info: http://pc.ign.com/objects/480/480467.html ─────────────────────────────────────────────────── Install Notes: 1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent 2. Mount and install 3. Play, plain and simple **NOTE** During installation it will ask you to create a profile for multiplay (nick,serial) just click next, and it will continue installation - NO NEED FOR A CRACK!

Hospital Tycoon [2007] [PC]

Hospital Tycoon is a medical-themed sim in which players are put in charge of hectic hospital facilities that are constantly on the verge of crisis and collapse. Players are challenged to run, maintain, enhance and expand the hospitals while turning any chaotic situation around using ingenious management techniques. The game's high level of character interaction is full of humor and drama, creating living hospital that's part soap opera and part comedy. Players will direct the hospital's medical staff, ensure patients are cared for and have the treatment facilities required. There's also the upkeep of each hospital to control and develop; dedicated areas can be built to support additional medical needs – surgery, diagnosis, physiotherapy and more. The more patients that are cured the more your medical empire can grow and flourish, but watch out for the spread of infectious conditions, or you'll soon have an epidemic plunging the hospital into absolute chaos.

HOYLE CARD GAMES 2007-Addiction

Product Features * Bonus--16 Black Jack games; official rulebook for every game included * Enjoy a robust collection of card games in this fun software title * More than 75 classic games, including all the favorites * Online Texas Hold'em, Solitaire, Hearts, Spades, Rummy, and more * 4 new games including Tuxedo, Space Race, and Omaha Hold'em


MAFIA brings the 1930's underworld to life in this 3rd person 3D action game. Rise from the lowly but well-dressed Footsoldier to the envied and feared Made Man in the era of big bands, zoot suits, and Model T's. Take on the role of a hit man, enforcer, getaway driver, and more in your struggle for respect, money, and power within the Salieri Family. It is 1930. Due to circumstances he couldn't possibly have predicted, Tommy's life as a cabdriver is about to be exchanged for a life in the Mafia. At first he continues his work as a driver and nothing could be better. He soon becomes good friends with his sidekicks Paulie and Sam, and although the work is sometimes risky, he earns more money than he did as a cabdriver. But as time goes on he is ordered to undertake more and more unpleasant jobs – and he starts to become disillusioned with the life he has chosen. Special Features: •Explore over 12 square miles of this 1930's American city, with intelligent simulated traffic, landmarks and surrounding countryside. This fictional city was created with reference to authentic buildings and photos from that period. •Over 20 action-packed missions with tasks including from mob hits, car chases, bootlegging, shootouts, assassinations of persona non grata, bank robberies and even simply going for a romantic walk with your love. •Over 30 highly realistic and hi-poly indoor locations rendered with the latest 3D engine technology. Take a trip through a city of the 30’s, visit places such as the airport, banks, galleries, restaurants, the harbor and many others. •An expansive epic story line inspired by real events that took place in the 30’s. The story is conveyed through spoken dialogs and motion-capture animations from professional actors. •Drive one of 60 historic cars, which are based on models that were on the road in the 30's and the physics of which have been faithfully reproduced. Due to the realistic physics and real time deformation of the cars, getting involved in a chase with the police is definitely something to avoid. •Over 12 weapons to choose from, including baseball bats, sawn-off shotguns, Magnums or the legendary Thompson tommy gun, to deal with those that dare to cross your path. 500 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor, 96 MB RAM, 16x CD / DVD ROM, 1.8 GB free hard-disk space, 16 MB graphics card, DirectX 8.1.

Combat Task Force 121

After years of simmering unrest, Marxist Rebels have obtained a foothold within the Armed Services and found sympathetic comrades to lend both a voice and weapons. While a full blown coup d'état is not yet underway, a few early high profile rebel victories could quickly turn the tide. U.S. forces have been called in to put a halt to these terrorist acts. » 10 exciting single player missions take you through a variety of locales including dense jungle, shaty town, oil rig, refinery plant and an exotic island. Day and night missions add to the challenge and realism. » Use a variety of authentic military weapons such as USP Pistol, M4 Assault Rifle with M203 Grenade Launcher, MP5 SD, Mk43 7.62mm Machine Gun, M1 Combat Shotgun, .50 Cal Tactical Sniper Rifle, C4 charge, Grenade and Combat Knife. » Exciting online play with up to 16 players via LAN or Xbox Live. Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, VIP Escort and Last Man Standing game modes are available (along with team variants). » State of the art graphics by the UNREAL Championship engine. » Fully scripted storyline immerses the player in the action. » Combat Task Force 121 Game Guide PDF included Vendor PATCH V.1.02 This patch will upgrade retail version 1.00 or patched version 1.01 of Combat: Task Force 121 to version 1.02. Note that patch version 1.02 incorporates new fixes, as well as all version 1.01 fixes. Version 1.02 addresses the following issue: 1 - Fixes an issue in the single player campaign mode where some sounds could not be heard after completing a mission (fixed in patch version 1.01). 2 - 3D + EAX sound support added to the Audio menu. 3 - Dedicated server now runs in GUI window and is much more stable. 489 mb » Pentium III 1Ghz CPU » Windows 98/ME/2000/XP » 256 MB Ram » 32 MB DirectX 9 compatible video card with multitexturing (minimum TNT2 class card) » 16-bit DirectX 9 compatible sound card, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Series Recommended » 800 MB Hard Disk space » 16x CD-ROM » Keyboard, Mouse PW: isolde

The Witchs Yarn v1.2

The Witch's Yarn, is a brassy adventure about a witch starting a small business in the mortal world. Help her survive: her husband's legacy, three adult offspring, a neurotic familiar, conflicted neighbors, rampaging witches, and worst of all her mother. How much trouble can you cause with a spinning wheel and a pot of mushrooms?

Cinderella's Castle Designer ISO

Cinderella's Castle Designer builds on the creative and compelling legacy of Disney Princess games by giving girls ages 5 and older the opportunity to create and decorate the castle of their dreams. Once finished, they will experience a wonderful storybook adventure that enables them to free Cinderella from the magic spell that locks her in the Fairy Tale book. Girls can customize the exterior of the castle, design the landscaping, and furnish the entire castle in a unique 3-D interface that lets them explore every nook and cranny of their castle creation.

Barbie Fashion Show ISO

Stage your own Barbie digital fashion show with this Fisher-Price Pixter Color software. Featuring brilliant color and sound effects, this cartridge lets you design cool clothes for a Barbie fashion show and more.

MS Pinball Arcade

MS Pinball is a collection of seven licensed tables that represent the evolution of pinball in America. A state of the art physics model and realistic graphics make for the most authentic pinball simulation on the PC ever. The appeal of pinball is universal, it pits man against nature in a stroggle to keep a solid stell ball from rolling downhill towards the inevitable. Now, for the first time ever, you can trace the evolution of a pinball by playing seven of your all-time favorite pinball tables on your PC. The widest variety of tables, realistic ball physics, and add up to wickedly fast action for currect and prospective pinball wizards. Features: * Seven real tables. Features seven real tables licensed by Gottlieb and exactly replicated like the original arcade version. * Superb physics model. Stellar flipper, bumper, ramps, ball and tilt physics give players the sensation they are playing the real tables. Ball reacts to envorionment with absolute precision. * Superior graphics. Perfectly rendered and beautifully modeled tables look like real photographic images. Table design is seamless. * Real arcade look and fell. The tables are exactly replicated from the original arcade classics. Feel slike real arcade pinball, without plugging quarter after quarter! Full table view increases the arcade ambiance. So authentic that a supple wrist or table nudge can boost your score. * Complete evolution of the pinball classics. Tables represent the evolution of pinball through the 20th Centuty. Tables for each decade portray the different milestones in pinball history.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary (c) Eidos Interactive

The adventure begins when Lara is hired by a powerful syndicate to retrieve a mythical object called the Scion. As Lara searches ancient tombs and isolated worlds that have lain undisturbed for thousands of years, she discovers that she is not alone. Not only has she awoken their fearsome guardians but there are others desperate to learn the Scion’s dark secrets. Celebrate and commemorate ten years of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft with Tomb Raider: Anniversary, a new action adventure inspired by the original Tomb Raider video game, one of the greatest action adventure games of all time.

Great Battles of Rome

'THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome' is role-playing and real time strategy gaming blended with top quality TV footage from The History Channel(R) to create a truly immersive game. The game starts from the formation of Rome and runs through to the crowning of August and lets you fight every great battle of Rome along the way! Your men travel with you on this journey and we treat each squad like a character in a role-playing game as you can customize their skills and appearance. Features * Developed simultaneously for Playstation2, PSP and PC. * Highlights 14 Roman Campaigns and more than 100 of the most significant battles of the Roman Empire. * Includes 10 Celtic campaigns from the barbarians perspective. * 50 minutes of captivating program footage from The History Channel(R). * Unique soundtrack and voice talents narrate the story of Marcus Aurelius. * 3 difficulty levels. * More than 20 troop types. * Unique and intuitive user interface for PSP (PlayStationPortable) and Playstation2. * Game controls allow command of up to 20 squads simultaneously. * Customizable troops and battle conditions. * Innovative combat model specially adapted for PSP and Playstation2. * Incorporating special visual effects and advanced levels of detail including night battles. * Realistic battlefield conditions and terrain effect the underlying complex battle engine. * Easy to learn, hard to master. * Multiplayer capability on LAN.

Enemy Engaged 2

Features: - Modern helicopter combat simulation with realistic flight physics. - Three exciting theaters of war with two opposing campaigns each. - Dynamic real-time battlefields. No linear mission plot or predefined unit behavior. - Over 30,000 square kilometers of flying area over Lebanon, Taiwan and Korea. - Diverse combat environments executed in lush 3D detail under a wide range of weather conditions. - Over 1,200 very detailed and blue-print precise vehicles, chosen from among proven classics in actual use in armed forces around the globe. - Use immersive voice control to command your gunner and wingman Hardware Requirements: - Graphics card with 2.0 shaders and 128 MB of RAM (such as nVidia GF5200 or ATI Radeon 9550) - AMD 1700+ or Intel 2 GHz CPU - 512 MB RAM Recommended: - Graphics card with 2.0 shaders and 256 MB of RAM (such as nVidia 6800 or ATI X800) - AMD64 or Intel P4 3 GHz CPU - 1 GB RAM

Need for Speed Carbon Collectors Edition (PC DVD)

What starts in the city is settled in the canyons as Need for Speed Carbon immerses you in the world's most dangerous and adrenaline-filled form of street racing. You and your crew must race in an all-out war for the city, risking everything to take over your rivals' neighbourhoods one block at a time. As the police turn up the heat, the battle ultimately shifts to Carbon Canyon, where territories and reputations can be lost on every perilous curve. Represent your car class, your crew, and your turf in Need for Speed Carbon, the next revolution in racing games.

Attack on Pearl Harbor 2007

Featuring a sturdy online component designed for short-session multiplayer dog-fighting, Attack on Pearl Harbor is a casual, pick-up-and-play WWII flight combat game appropriate for all ages and skill levels. The game features a selection of online and offline modes with a variety of missions and campaigns putting players in the cockpits of the main protagonists of the WWII Pacific Theatre – the USAAF and the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. Attack on Pearl Harbor will use Legendo’s proprietary network technology featuring a user-friendly lobby system and NAT punch-through features for hassle free single-click multiplayer setup.

Moto Racer 3 Gold Edition ( )

The game presents a wide variety of brand new game modes, circuits, bikes and bonuses for extra challenges, thrills and life expectancy. Moto Racer 3 Gold Edition is highly accessible and complete. It is the only motorbike game to offer so many disciplines in both solo and multiplayer modes. Moto Racer 3 Gold Edition gives both seasoned players and beginners alike all the high-octane thrills of the track, for up to 8 players. * An updated and improved Gold Edition, optimised for Windows XP. * Easy handling: quick to pick up, on all kinds of 2-wheel machine. * 50 different models of bike (10 totally new ones). * 6 different disciplines: Superbike, Traffic, Trial, Supercross, Motocross, Freestyle. * A whole host of circuits (including three new) and real decors like: the Suzuka Circuit (Japan), Barcelona (Spain), Sachsenring (Germany), Eastern Creek (Australia) and the Stade de France. * 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal and difficult. * A store for purchasing new items to improve vehicles, using credits earned in Solo mode. * Up to 8 players can race using LAN or Internet. * New bonuses to be unlocked: scooters, a car, pocket-bikes, an army bike, and space age bike, as well as extra tracks and a flying pig

Hello Kitty Cutie World

Share a smile with hello Kitty and her friends as you discover the fun and magic of Hello Kitty Cutie World. You will have hours of fun playing 8 challenging games that take you from an ice cream shoppe up to the starry sky and everywhere in between! •Catch the snowflakes as they fall from the sky and fill the air with sweet lullabies. •Join Hello Kitty in this fun game of Mahjongg, clear the board and get a cute Hello Kitty surprise! •Help Hello Kitty make tasty, sweet treats for all her friends at the Ice Cream Shoppe. •Test your memory skills by making pairs of Hello Kitty's favorite things! •Add a dazzling background and your favorite feline items to create Hello Kitty pictures. Too cute! •Catch Hello Kitty's frosty friends in your boat before they fall into the chilly water. Paddle fast for furious fun! •Help Hello Kitty avoid pesky bumblebees and capture beautiful butterflies as she travels in her hot air balloon! •Take a fairy-tale ride into the night sky and touch the stars. Use your quick reflexes to avoid hitting friendly bats. System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/XP Processor: PIII 333 MHz DirectX 8.1 64 MB RAM Free hard drive space: 20 MB SVGA Video Card DirectX 8.1 Sound Card

Text Express 2 Deluxe - Bigfish Game

Climb aboard the Text Express for an all-new adventure that's full of word game fun! Form letters from chunks of coal to keep your train on track and at the station on time. Description: Climb aboard the Text Express for an all-new adventure that's full of word game fun! Form letters from chunks of coal to keep your train on track and at the station on time. Travel from city to city and expand your railroad empire in Adventure mode, or put your lexical skills to the test with eight different word games in Classic mode. Your ticket to brain-bending fun is on board the Text Express. All aboard! Features: Unlimited Play Two Game Modes: Adventure and Classic Achievement Trophies Bright and Colorful Full-Screen Graphics Eight Challenging Word Games in One System Requirements Windows: - Windows 98/2000/XP - 800MHz or faster Processor - 256MB RAM - DirectX 7.0 or better

AirStrike II v2.50

AirStrike 2 is finally here. Get ready for brand new land, air and water units –armored vehicles, heavy helicopters, submarines, destroyers, carriers, speedboats. Missions take place over water, desert, high in the mountains and over densely populated areas. While the enemies have become tougher and more deadly, players can now upgrade and modify weapons themselves to meet the challenge. The level of details for 3D objects is incredibly high, so when you clinch the trigger to blow things up, they fly apart into hundreds of small pieces. 18 large levels with 3 powerful big bosses! 5 different landscape types! Over 100(!!!) different units with unique characteristics! Plenty of game objects! 6 different helicopters to fly on! 10 unique weapons with 3-7 level upgrade! 15 different bonuses and 5 missile types! Night missions with varying weather conditions! Five levels of difficulty for hardcore-gamers and rookies! 1-player and 2-player game modes! 12 cheat codes are available! Original soundtrack and powerful sound effects! Extraordinarily addictive game play! DivoRating system allowing players to share high-scores all over the world. 120% pure ACTION!

Beauty factory 2007

Become the CEO of a beauty products company. Follow your intuition when selecting market offers and make appropriate economic decisions in order to develop your company into an impressive corporation. You will begin by researching several product types - perfume, lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polish, blush or mascara. The development of ingredients and scent composition are just the beginning. Later on, you will have to take care of appropriate packaging design, positioning and promotion. The sale of your product is the final stage, which will allow you to expand market possibilites of your company. Check how it feels to be a big success in great business! Features: - Choose components properly so as to satisfy your clients’ tastes - Create your avatar by determining their appearance, gender and name - Launch new lines of cosmetics: perfume, lipstick, blush or mascara - Invest in the state of the art technology, production lines and marketing strategies - Invest in promotional campaigns of your products - Observe the market closely... your competitors waste no time! - User-friendly tutorial and intuitive gameplay will make your job as the CEO of the company much easier

Ultimate Dominoes - GameHouse Games

Grab some bones and get ready for the definitive dominoes experience. Featuring 5 great dominoes games, Ultimate Dominoes is perfect for the gamer in any family. Description: Grab some bones and get ready for the definitive dominoes experience. Featuring 5 great dominoes games, Ultimate Dominoes is perfect for the gamer in any family. Choose from 10 unique domino backs, set the options to suit your skill level, create profiles for every member of your family - even load your own background graphics. Beautiful graphics and sounds enhance the game play, while detailed instructions bring you up to speed on each game. This is one game that truly lives up to its name. Features: 5 Game Modes 10 Unique Domino Backs Built-In Playing Instructions Set Your Own Background Play Offline Play Full Screen System Requirements Windows: - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP - 300MHz or faster Processor - 32MB RAM - 16-bit Graphics and Sound Card - 800x600 Screen Resolution

Fish Tycoon - GameHouse Game

Breed and care for exotic fish in this excitingly realistic challenge. Starting with only a small selection of fish, a tank, and some money, it's your task to breed and care for a wide variety of colorful pets. Create interesting new hybrids and sell them in your shop and finance your growing business. But the real mystery is the seven magic fish! Discover these enchanting additions and you'll become a true Fish Tycoon! Exciting and fun, Fish Tycoon is a delightfully magical experience for the entire family! Features: Unlimited Play Real-Time Technology - Keeps Going Even If Your Computer is Off! Extremely Addictive, Unique Game Play Adjustable Difficulty Settings Built-In Screen-Saver System Requirements Windows: - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP - 500MHz or faster Processor - 96MB RAM - 16-bit Graphics and Sound Card - DirectX 7.0 or better Mac: - Mac OS X 10.2 or better

Battlestations Midway

Battlestations: Midway blends intense 3rd-person action with epic, large-scale naval combat and brings to life the great Pacific battles of World War II. From the chaos of Pearl Harbor, through the Philippines, Java and the Coral Sea all the way to the epic Battle of Midway. Players can relive classic battles with realistic locations and accurate historical detail and take part in huge multi-unit online battles with up to eight players controlling over 60 units. Players can take direct control of over 60 different warships, planes and submarines, many of which are based on actual historical vehicles, from a 3rd-person perspective. Single Player mode features 11 large-scale campaigns with 12 bonus challenge missions while the online multi-player combat offers an entirely new online battle experience and features head-to-head and co-operative battles featuring over 60 Allied and Japanese units.

Cocoasoft Eon The Dragon 3 .S60

A new friend will accompany Eon on one of his longest journeys. Together they will encounter new adventures, stumble across adversaries never seen before, and travel across a number of exotic lands. Will they find the mysterious force that is threatening the very existence of the peaceful island?

Test Drive Unlimited : PC

Test Drive Unlimited challenges players online to experience the most exotic and fastest cars and bikes on more than 1000 miles of diverse Hawaiian roads. Visit the most sophisticated car and bike dealers and chose to purchase new vehicles or simply take them for a spin. Collect and trade rare performance parts and customize each vehicle to make it one-of-a- kind. Gamers win races, challenges, missions and tournaments to earn credits and purchase new cars, bikes, rare performance parts, clothes, apparel, homes and garages. Boasting huge online content, racers around the world can challenge others to join them in the virtual paradise of the game's persistent online racing world.

Nancy Drew The Creature of Kapu Cave

n Nancy Drew: The Creature Of Kapu Cave, Nancy travels to Hawaii as a research assistant for Dr. Quigley Kim to determine why the population of native caterpillars has exploded. The Hardy Boys, on a separate covert operation, are also visiting -- and both stumble across the mystery of the Hilihili research compound and its evil vibes. Some believe it's linked to the legend of Kane ?Okala. Local legend has it that a long time ago, a man was sacrificed to the hungry volcano to appease it. Kane ?Okala, or "the rough-skinned man," later escaped from the volcano, but he was scarred for life with a rough-skinned and frightening appearance. When Nancy arrives at Camp Quigley, she sees a monster ravaging the camp, and soon discovers that Dr. Quigley is missing! Could the monster she saw be Kane ?Okala? She'll have to team up with the Hardy Boys to find out!

UEFA Champions League 2006/2007 Razor1911 ISO

Feel the weight of history as you walk out to a deafening roar and onto the biggest stage in club football. In the cauldron-like atmosphere of a stadium alive with the dreams of thousands and heaving with the pressure of expectation, kick off alongside the most formidably talented footballers in Europe – and outplay them. Here is the ultimate test. Here history is made. Write yourself into legend with the only official UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 game for the PlayStation 2/PC. By : EA Sports Genre : Soccer Release Date : Mar 23, 2007 Requirements: 1.7 GHZ CPU 512 MB RAM Microsoft Windows 2000/XP DirectX 9 Compatible Soundcard DirectX 9 Compatible AGP Graphic Card. Graphic Card With 3D Acceleration Graphic Card With 64 MB RAM DVD Room 3.0 GB free storage capacity fast internet connection for multiplayer Wheel mouse & Keyboard

Atomic Betty:Intergalactic Conspiracy

It's up to you to help Atomic Betty save Sparky, X-5, Admiral DeGill, and Atomic Roger from their cells on four dangerous and exciting planets! Along the way you'll discover Maximus' true plans to take over the universe! Time for karate-chopping action! The evil Maximus has kidnapped all of Atomic Betty's friends! Detailed Description It's up to you to help Atomic Betty save Sparky, X-5, Admiral DeGill, and Atomic Roger from their cells on four dangerous and exciting planets! Along the way you'll discover Maximus' true plans to take over the universe! Only Atomic Betty can stop Maximus before it is too late, but she'll need your help! Teaches Letter Identification, Spelling, Number Identification, Color Identification, Addition & Subtraction, Shapes, Observation, and Matching. Have a BLAST and learn! It's time for karate-chopping action! The evil Maximus has kidnapped all of Atomic Betty's friends! It's up to you to help Atomic Betty save Sparky, X-5, Admiral DeGill, and Atomic Roger from their cells on four dangerous and exciting planets! Along the way you'll discover Maximus' true plans to take over the universe! Succeed through the four original planets and unlock a secret bonus planet! Only Atomic Betty can stop Maximus before it is too late, but she'll need your help! 50 different levels of play! 3 levels of difficulty to cater for a wide age range Skills taughts: letter identification, spelling, numbers, colors, shapes, addition, and subtraction Windows Vista-ready Windows 98/98SE/2000/XP/Vista Processor: PIII 600 MHz DirectX 8.1 128 MB RAM Free hard drive space: 30 MB SVGA Video Card DirectX 8.1 DirectX-compliant Sound Card

Test Drive Unlimited (2007)

Test Drive Unlimited is a street racing game that lets you drive licensed cars and motorcycles on 1000 miles of Hawaiian roads and highways. Test_Drive_Unlimited_CLONEDVD-PROCYON Notes: unpack, mount with latest dt4, install, use included loader, play! Serial: NKEM-Q25E-LAUZ-4W3T

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 takes you on a secret mission at a mysterious location in Europe, where you will fight not-zombies in an attempt to recover the President's daughter


The Suffering captures the disturbing and terrifying nature of the horror genre in a compelling third-person action/adventure game. set in the mature and gritty world of a maximum-security penitentiary. By alternating periods of tense and terror-filled exploration with frenetic combat sequences, The Suffering creates the ultimate experience of terror. In the dark world of The Suffering, creatures jump out of shadows, fall out of trees, and erupt out of the ground, attacking the player in the most frightening ways possible. Along with a cast of uniquely hardened criminals and guards, players battle not only the ghoulish apparitions besieging the prison, but also the demons of their own forgotten past.

Super Mario War

Super Mario War

MahJong Suite 2007 ver. 4.1

Each MahJong game has millions of possible shuffles to play, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play. Enjoy the detailed statistics of each game with graphs, 3D charts (pies and bars) and tables to estimate your skill level (by total, current session, series of wins and losses, players' games won, players' score, hi-scores...), statistics for All Games, Won games, Not Won games, Over Average, Under Average, Not Played... For MahJong lovers, MahJong Suite is a guaranteed pleasure. Each of the games is fun and exciting and will keep you entertained for hours. If you like MahJong games, then you'll want to add MahJong Suite to your collection! offsite February 25, 2007 - version 4.1 of MahJong Suite 2007 contains: more than 97 different layouts, 3 Tile Sets for MahJong-type games, 3 Tile Sets for Matching-type games, and dozens of Backgrounds. You'll get MahJong Suite Graphics Pack* for free!

City Life World Edition (Multilanguage)

Gamers looking to add some metropolitan flair to their desktops can now do so with several new wallpapers, courtesy of CDV Software Entertainment USA. The new wallpapers, available in the downloads section, feature various scenes from City Life: World Edition, and will help spice up any fan's desktop

Reflective Arcade Games-Collectors Edition DVD

There are 7 installers total. Action Break Out Card Puzzle Shooter Strategy Word Included on the DVD: Reflexive Arcade Games - Action Bud Redhead Butterfly Escape Cake Mania Chameleon Gems Delicious Deluxe Delivery King Diamond Drop Dynasty Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy 2 Flower Shop Big City Break Froggy Castle 2 Granny In Paradise Gumboy Crazy Adventures Gutterball 2 Jet Jumper Kick Shot Pool Luxor Off Road Arena Panda Craze Pirate Poppers Pizza Frenzy Pizza Panic Race Cars The Extreme Rally Rocket Mania Deluxe Scrubbles Sewer Run Snail Mail Super Granny 3 Sweetopia Turtle Odyssey Varmintz Deluxe Wik and the Fable of Souls Reflexive Arcade Games - Break Out Adventure Ball Boom Voyage Fizzball Funkiball Adventure Gem Ball Incrediball - The Seven Sapphires LEGO Bricktopia Magic Ball Magic Ball 2 Magic Ball 2 New Worlds Magic Ball 3 Meteor Musikapa Ricochet Lost Worlds Ricochet Lost Worlds Recharged Ricochet Xtreme Time Breaker Treasures Of The Deep Reflexive Arcade Games - Card 5 Card Slingo Casino Island To Go Castle of Cards Charm Solitaire Dream Vacation Solitaire Hotel Solitaire Hoyle Miami Solitaire Mystery Solitaire Secret Island Poker Superstars II Telltale Texas Hold'Em Texas Hold 'Em Championship Tik's Texas Hold Em Reflexive Arcade Games - Puzzle 10 Talismans 5 Spots II 7 Wonders Asianata Barnyard Invasion Chuzzle Deluxe Diamond Detective DNA Electra Fairies Galapago Genius Move Glyph Gold Fever Ice Breaker InSpheration Jewel Match MadCaps Magic Match Magic Match The Genies Journey Mahjong Fortuna 2 Deluxe Mirror Mixup Mystery Case Files Huntsville Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst Mysteryville Paparazzi Penny Puzzle Rock Frenzy Soda Pipes Super Glinx The Legend Of El Dorado Treasure Island Valentine's Gift Xango Tango Zen Puzzle Garden Reflexive Arcade Games - Shooter Air Strike 2 Air Strike II Gulf Thunder Alien Outbreak 2 Invasion Alien Stars Arklight Astro Fury AstroAvenger Astrobatics Bugatron Worlds Crusaders of Space Open Range Devastation Zone Troopers Feelers Heavy Weapon Hyperspace Invader Jets N Guns Last Galaxy Hero Naval Strike Platypus Star Defender 2 Star Defender 3 Zak And Jack Reflexive Arcade Games - Strategy Battleship Chess Cinema Tycoon Gold Eets Outpost Kaloki Risk II Styrateg The Apprentice Tradewinds 2 Tradewinds Legends Virtual Villagers War Chess Westward Reflexive Arcade Games - Word ABC Island Acropolis Babel Deluxe Bonnie's Bookstore Book Bind Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Fairy Words Gamehouse Word Collection Greedy Words HangStan Icy Spell LexiCastle SandScript Spellagories Spellunker Weave Words Word Craft Word Krispies Word Search Deluxe Word Whomp To Go
سری کامل بازی های Reflective Arcade با امکان رجیستر کردن و استفاده نامحدود از آن.این دی وی دی شامل 152 بازی از این مجموعه می باشد .Included on the DVD: Reflexive Arcade Games - Action Bud Redhead Butterfly Escape Cake Mania Chameleon Gems Delicious Deluxe Delivery King Diamond Drop Dynasty Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy 2 Flower Shop Big City Break Froggy Castle 2 Granny In Paradise Gumboy Crazy Adventures Gutterball 2 Jet Jumper Kick Shot Pool Luxor Off Road Arena Panda Craze Pirate Poppers Pizza Frenzy Pizza Panic Race Cars The Extreme Rally Rocket Mania Deluxe Scrubbles Sewer Run Snail Mail Super Granny 3 Sweetopia Turtle Odyssey Varmintz Deluxe Wik and the Fable of Souls Reflexive Arcade Games - Break Out Adventure Ball Boom Voyage Fizzball Funkiball Adventure Gem Ball Incrediball - The Seven Sapphires LEGO Bricktopia Magic Ball Magic Ball 2 Magic Ball 2 New Worlds Magic Ball 3 Meteor Musikapa Ricochet Lost Worlds Ricochet Lost Worlds Recharged Ricochet Xtreme Time Breaker Treasures Of The Deep Reflexive Arcade Games - Card 5 Card Slingo Casino Island To Go Castle of Cards Charm Solitaire Dream Vacation Solitaire Hotel Solitaire Hoyle Miami Solitaire Mystery Solitaire Secret Island Poker Superstars II Telltale Texas Hold'Em Texas Hold 'Em Championship Tik's Texas Hold Em Reflexive Arcade Games - Puzzle 10 Talismans 5 Spots II 7 Wonders Asianata Barnyard Invasion Chuzzle Deluxe Diamond Detective DNA Electra Fairies Galapago Genius Move Glyph Gold Fever Ice Breaker InSpheration Jewel Match MadCaps Magic Match Magic Match The Genies Journey Mahjong Fortuna 2 Deluxe Mirror Mixup Mystery Case Files Huntsville Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst Mysteryville Paparazzi Penny Puzzle Rock Frenzy Soda Pipes Super Glinx The Legend Of El Dorado Treasure Island Valentine's Gift Xango Tango Zen Puzzle Garden Reflexive Arcade Games - Shooter Air Strike 2 Air Strike II Gulf Thunder Alien Outbreak 2 Invasion Alien Stars Arklight Astro Fury AstroAvenger Astrobatics Bugatron Worlds Crusaders of Space Open Range Devastation Zone Troopers Feelers Heavy Weapon Hyperspace Invader Jets N Guns Last Galaxy Hero Naval Strike Platypus Star Defender 2 Star Defender 3 Zak And Jack Reflexive Arcade Games - Strategy Battleship Chess Cinema Tycoon Gold Eets Outpost Kaloki Risk II Styrateg The Apprentice Tradewinds 2 Tradewinds Legends Virtual Villagers War Chess Westward Reflexive Arcade Games - Word ABC Island Acropolis Babel Deluxe Bonnie's Bookstore Book Bind Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Fairy Words Gamehouse Word Collection Greedy Words HangStan Icy Spell LexiCastle SandScript Spellagories Spellunker Weave Words Word Craft Word Krispies Word Search Deluxe Word Whomp To Go

X-Men: The Official Game

If you're a comics fan that's curious about Nightcrawler's whereabouts in the upcoming movie sequel X3, then X-Men: The Official Movie Game may be just what you're looking for. Developed by Z-Axis after a long hiatus from the gaming world, X-Men TOG serves as a bridge between the final moments of 2003's enjoyable superhero flick and this year's highly anticipated follow-up

Arkanoid MEGA Pack Full ISO

1. Arcalands 2. Arkligh 3. Ballistik 4. Break Ball 2 Gold 5. Break Quest 6. Bricks Of Atlantis 7. Brixout XP 8. Hyperballoid Around The World 9. Hyperballoid Complete 10. Invadazoid 11. MagicBall 12. MagicBall 2 13. Real Ball 14. Ricochet Recharged 15. Ricochet Xtreme 16. Riotball 17. SnowBall 18. Strike Ball 19. Twinxoid 20. Warkanoid 2 21. Action Ball 22. Alpha Ball 23. Bricks of Camelot 24. Musikapa 25. Strike Ball 2 26. 1st Go Warkanoid 3 Storybook 27. 1st Go Warkanoid II WildLife 28. Funkiball Adventure 29. Incrediball The Seven Sapphires 30. Scary Forest 31. Aztec Bricks 32. Temple of Bricks 33. Ricochet Lost Worlds 34. Action Ball Deluxe 35. Adventure Ball 36. Anastasia Arkanoid 37. ArkanDROID 38. Beat Ball 39. Beware Of The Ball 40. Boom Ball 41.
Chicken Attack 42. Magic Ball 2 New Worlds 43. Magic Ball 2 Spring Time 44. Mega Bounce 45. Meteor 46. NeoBall 47. PaperBall 48. Strike Ball 2 Deluxe Incl New Extra Level Pack 49. Time Breaker 50. Alawar AquaBall 51. Deep Ball Defender 52. LEGO Bricktopia 53. Star Collapse 54. Brain Block's Super Bubbles Deluxe 55. Tropic Ball 56. WE` Group Krakout 57. Bricks of Egypt 58. BrickQuest 59. Treasures of the Deep 60. Fizzball


Crashday brings you to a world where stunts and collisions are commonplace. As a driver in this racing game, you can challenge fellow racers in a variety of modes, build your own tracks, and customize your vehicles. Crashday puts you in the world of stunts, dents and adrenaline: whether you prefer to smash your vehicle into pieces with breath-taking stunts or better still prefer to race against your enemies in on custom highspeed race tracks -- maybe you also just want to show your fellow man what a serious head-on collision can be like... The integrated track editor of Crashday builds the basis for all driving areas in the game. You build maps independent of any physical limits and it's up to you to decide whether you put jumps, loops, tunnels or houses onto the track.


Z (pronounced Zed) is a 1996 real-time strategy computer game by the Bitmap Brothers. It is about two armies of robots (red and blue) battling to conquer different planets. A sequel, Steel Soldiers, was published in 2001. -Gameplay : Unlike other traditional real-time strategy (RTS) games, collecting resources or building specific structures is unnecessary for creating an army. Instead, regions and structures within their borders are captured by moving troops to their respective flags. Also, instead of using resources to build units, constructing each unit requires a pre-set amount of time. The more regions are under the player's control, the less the time required. More powerful units take more time to construct. The objective of the game is to eliminate the opponent by taking out their command Fort: either by sending a unit to enter it, or by destroying it directly. Alternatively, destroying all of the opponent's units immediately wins the game. At the start of every mission, each side is given control of their Fort (the CPU) and a small group of units. A host of unmanned turrets and vehicles are usually scattered about the map and sending a robot to these will allow the player to add them to their army. However, the assigned robot will remain in the captured vehicle or turret as a pilot or a gunner. The game is significantly different from others of its type: For example, vehicle drivers can take damage from enemy fire, and if the pilot is destroyed, the vehicle they were commandeering will be unmanned and can be captured by either side.

Pro Beach Soccer

Beach football - young and friendly form of sport. Enormous attention in the game is given to rules; therefore any acts of aggression will compulsorily involve punishment. It is worthwhile to note that because of coating of area (soft sand) and the fact that the football players play without any special foot-wear (by tramp), traumatism in the game noticeably lower than in other forms of sport. Commands will compete in the different types of game. For the participation in the comradely match it is necessary to maximally rapidly select command, stadium and time of the twenty-four hours, when game will pass. The gallery assumes long to the turn of matches, in which it will be able to conquer only strongest, that, whom will succeed herself in beating all commands, which are encountered on the way. Tournament on the beach football - completing contest on the long journey to the victory. The duration of tournament - three seasons, during which it is necessary to retain supremacy. Different regimes of training will make it possible to improve the habits of the players: to penal'ti, aiming impact, impact from the summer, pass and many others. The staggering drawing and sonic tracking, convenient control and the reliably recreated atmosphere of holiday - all this will make it possible to take pleasure by game and to conduct many matches gripping spirit!

Jigsaw Puzzles Parks of the World

Take a trip through 60 immaculate nature preserves from all over the world. Hike famous peaks, enjoy stunning vistas and meet wild animals in one glorious jigsaw collection. Instructions Use your mouse to move pieces around the board and connect them. For more detailed instructions, see in-game help. Minimum Requirements Pentium II 300 MHz 64 MB RAM Windows 98/Me/2000/XP IE 5+/Netscape 7+

Hidden Expedition: Titanic (Reupload)

On April 14, 1912, the great steamship RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and within hours, sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. As part of the Hidden Expedition Adventure League, it's your job to explore the wreckage of this once-majestic ship and collect antique artifacts. Through 14 diving missions you will scour 17 locations on the ship for cleverly hidden clues that will lead you to the ultimate artifact: The Crown Jewels. Get ready to lose yourself in a historic adventure of epic proportions! System Requirements: OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT Memory: 64 MB DirectX: 3.0 or later CPU: P300

True Crime: Streets of L.A.

Los Angeles. Stretched not tens of kilometers the glorious city of angels - megapolis, complete in all, which only can present men to itself. City of happiness and 300 sunny days in the year, the city of warm sea, white sand, green palms, dark-blue sky and excellent tanned girls. The city, in which each minute are sold five doses of heroin, in which each several seconds are accomplished crime, the city, in which you can kill for three dollars and the halfs-bottle of the whisky, in which tourists dropped in on ignorance into the incorrect region fear to stop at the light signal, and those, who stopped - very then they feel sorry about their solution. The city, different as any is another on this planet. Good to grant. To you to now here live.

Henry & Harley

& Harley is a magic story game of our loving box series. It's for ages 2-12. Brief introduction of the story: The honest and sincere Harley had lived in the country for a long time without ever leaving. One day, his cousin Henry who lived in the city came to visit him and told him many interesting things about the city. Harley was envious and decided to go to the city. However, although the city was bustling and exciting, the air and water quality was poor and there was much pollution and noise. Harley finally found he still liked the country life and decided to head back to the nature. There are many funny animation and educational games inside the story.

Super Cooper Revenge 1.9

Super Cooper Revenge – it’s a story about brave sunny man Super Cooper that defends wonderland and fights mechanic invaders. You have to collect bombs and throw them to monsters - this way you should clean your country step by step. Beware that mechanic creatures – they should follow the hero and always try to catch him. Your only chance is their lack of mind and your dexterity. At the end of every location you should meet Boss of mechanic monsters and you have to defeat them to move forward. There are 5 locations and 5 Bosses on your way to the victory. Lets help Super Cooper to win in this honorable battle and release his motherland

Ultimate Spider Man

Spidey himself looks spot-on and he moves just like you'd expect him to. When swinging, his legs dangle appropriately; when he's in mid-air between web swings, he performs flips and flourishes that the wall-crawler is known for. His movements and exaggerations on his punches and kicks are taken straight out of his books. It's so much fun just to watch our hero in action. The voice-acting is also impressive, especially since this is a video game. It's the same quality you'd expect from a movie or TV show. Despite it being a game, there's no bad or over acting going on here. Spidey is a squeaky-voiced teenager in the midst of puberty -- but that doesn't mean his trademark smart-ass quips and banter aren't accounted for. In fact, these are some of the best treats in the game. It's fantastic to hear Spidey say "sweet sassy molasses!" when he's shocked. The banter like "my point being: you truly do very much suck," is great. My personal favorite is when he first meets the behemoth Rhino "…I'm so scared, I can even finish my lame joke." Good times, that's what that is. Besides, what is Spider-Man without his classic banter?

DreamFall The Longest Journey

Continuation of one of best advenchur of all times and peoples The Longest Journey. Magicians from Funcom, known also to their sci- fie MMORPG Anarchy Online, prepared to players the new adventure, which promises to exceed previous Heath literally in everything. Action of the new game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Is turned ten years after the events of the first part. Player again awaits encounter with the the charming Of eypril, and also with two new characters, who occur implicated in the mystical and intricate history. Only because of their unique abilities, keenness and courage they can overcome all difficulties. The nezemneye beauties of distant it is world, dangerous adventures, stunning discoveries and unpredictable multilayer subject - all this makes game with the masterpiece of adventure genre. - the unique combination of fantasy, fentezi and thriller; - each of three mysterious is world there exists according to their laws and rules; - the variety of methods - player can act secretly, use rough force or skill of persuasion; - the field of focus - special possibility, which makes it possible from the distance to study objects, and in certain cases and to act on them; - the fates of three completely different characters occur interlaced into the captivating history, in which was located the place to everything - faithfulness and love, hatred and to treachery. Minimum system requirements: Windows® XP; Pentium® 4 1,6 GHz; 512 Mb working storage; 7 Gb vacant place on the disk; Video adapter Radeon 9500, Geforce FX 5700 with the memory 64 mb.; Sonic device, compatible with DirectX® 9.0;

Command & Conquer: Generals

Genre: RTS Developer: Electronic Arts Pacific Publisher: Electronic Arts Minimum requirements: 800 MHz, 128 MB. OZU, 1,8 Gb HDD, 32 MB. of video, the sound Recommended requirements: 1,8 GHz, 256+ MB. OZU Net game: the Internet cet6 You put out light - in your hands you hold the game, which outdistanced its time - the events of future you can learn already today and... even play the decisive role in the fate of future humanity. But let us return a little back... .... On 11 September, 2001, in THE USA the explosions of terrorists destroyed two commercial centers in New York. 20 years later terrorists from the group "Global Liberation Army" (GLA) arrange large-scale explosions in Asia and West Europe. Suspicion falls in THE USA. From this the third world war begins... One must play for 3 sides: USA (the United States of America), China and global Liberalisticheskeye army (GLA). But this not sequential Command & Conquer - game is completely new. Both on the subject and on the formulation, and on geympleyu. Vozmem, for example, the method of putting out the resources. Methods are more precise. Forget about Kharvestery! In the case with THE USA resources it will reach helicopter "chinook". Chinese will convey resources on the trucks. But terrorists from GLA to use work force. And the only that concerning ressursov. But still: - selection of one of 7 Generals in order to kommandovat' by your troops - 3 play sides. America, China, GLA. - the real types of the technology - the realistic game model - The moshchneyshiy three-dimensional cursor Sage 3D. - Mul'tipleyer...

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

This is one of the best remakes of Super Mario. Each level has its own unique touch. The controls may be a little tricky at first, but you'll have them down in no time.


The fourth in the chilling Hitman series featuring the cold-blooded killer Agent 47. Finding that members of his contract agency, The ICA, are now being quietly (and mortally) eliminated, Agent 47 suspects a larger organization is moving in. Fearing he may be the next target, he heads to America. His jobs now will pay in straight-up cash -- and how he spends the money will affect what weapons he has and what he does next. The developer added new gameplay systems, such as the concepts of notoriety and of blood money. The new Notoriety system means that anyone causing a bloodbath worthy of front page news is risking being recognised by civilians and guards in the future. Blood Money lets players spend their earnings on fully customisable precision weapons and specialist equipment, or they can buy additional information upon the targets and location at hand, to aid a successful and professional hit

Commandos: Strike Force

Commandos: Strike Force takes you right into the heart of the action, as you fight to win the Second World War. You'll take control of the three members of the "Strike Force" unit, each with their own abilities. Use your stealth skills to strike at the heart of the enemy.

Core FTP Pro v1.3C.1447.3

Core FTP Pro--FTP client for managing remote files with advanced features including: SSL/TLS, SSH/SFTP, scheduling, file encryption/decryption, ZIP compression, download acceleration, site to site transfers, synchronization, templates, thumbnails, editing/viewing of remote files (.htaccess included), drag/drop to desktop and icons, browser integration, user-friendly interface(s), FTP/HTTP Proxy, Socks 4/5 support, remote file searching, queue manager, auto retry / resume of transfers, transfer bandwidth control, advanced directory listings, multiple site transfers, sessions, start/stop/resume transfers, recursive chmod/time date setting, and auto recon. Not only is Core FTP a tool for managing your Web site, it is also great for compressing and archiving of data to FTP servers (backup) with it's built in compression (and password protection).


The third installment of the pioneering Doom series takes you into a horrifying, spine-chilling world where you'll battle for your very survival. Doom III features an enhanced storyline and some award-winning graphics, sound, and bloodcurdling action. the Union Aerospace Corporations' Mars Research Facility has been overtaken by a massive and demonic invasion and you are one of a handful of survivors. Your frightening journey will lead you through intensely realistic and visually stunning environments as you clash head-to-head with evil. Music by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

Dream Fall

There are games that break expectations in such a profound way they raise the standards for the industry. Some are awe inspiring for their graphics, others for their breathtaking soundtrack. Dreamfall - The Longest Journey is an amazing example of a game that stands to raise the standards in two categories, concept and sound, while maintaining high standards for all aspects of the game itself. Dreamfall - The Longest Journey has an intricate, compelling plot that is told through the expressive voices of a talented acting staff. The graphics are rich and detailed and the gameplay itself is engaging. The game itself is fun and challenging, requiring players to think outside the box as they face the various challenges and puzzles scattered throughout the game.

Gta San Andreas

RockStar\'s third foray into “next-generation” Grand Theft Auto territory, GTA: San Andreas, gives the formula from the first two games a serious tweaking while more than doubling the amount of territory available to play around in. The added RPG-lite elements increase the depth of game play considerably while the added territory gives players who view GTA as more of a toy than a game more places to explore and practice their criminal craft. I\'m unsure that there is anything in the game that would convince people who didn\'t like the originals to change their mind, but for fans of the series, GTA: San Andreas should come across as one of the best games of the year.

Counter Strike Condition Zero ISO working

Yep Counter Strike Condition Zero which on other name is called CZ One of the best online games I would vote for this After Counter Strike. Download it and play it online with you mats.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition

You all must know this game if you think your good at games Need For Speed Most Wanted All the links Works I'm Playing it my self.

The Regiment RiP & iSO

The Regiment is a first-person shooter that puts you in the role of a soldier in the British Special Air Service to participate in historically accurate counter-terrorism scenarios.

True Crime: Streets of L.A.

This game as you all might know is True Crime: Streets of L.A. it might be a bit oled but play it and pm when u finished it because im posting the new one. this is a good shoting game which you can show off you skill.

Battlefield 2

This game is Battlefield 2 as u all know this game you can play This with the story line and also online.

Cool Pool Game

this is my 3rd publication here, it's a game hope you'll all enjoy it as i did, its an ISO image so just use Alcohol120% or ultra iso and you'll get it to work

18 Wheels of Steel - Pedal to Metal

New simulator of "long-range" truckings from the Czech company SCS Software. with the intriguing name "18 Wheels of Steel - Pedal to the Metal", that it is possible to translate to the Russian language as "18 steel wheels - gas to the refusal". Judging by interview of one of the developers of game - Pavel sebor, and also on the fact that we in actuality saw in the new game, SCS Software remains true to its style. In the third series of "steel wheels" appeared numerous improvements in comparison with the previous series, but there is no mixing of genres in the mention. "steel wheels" as were, so also they remain "long-range" auto-simulator in the pure form.

Alone in the Dark 4: The New Nightmare

In the early '90s, something happened that changed computer gaming forever. It's an upheaval that can be traced to a single focal point: France. In games like Out of This World, Flashback, and Alone in the Dark, French game developers created an entirely new genre--the action-adventure game--and opened new vistas for future game developers to explore. But while Out of this World and Flashback featured stunningly lifelike animation, polygon graphics, and environment-based puzzles, it was the original Alone in the Dark that left the most lasting impression on gaming. Inspired by the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft and featuring a constantly shifting cinematic third-person perspective, Alone in the Dark's blend of gunplay, tension-filled exploration, 3D characters, and intricate puzzles made it an instant classic. It's been six years since the previous Alone in the Dark game, so longtime fans of the series have every right to expect a top-notch product that melds the latest in graphics with the same sort of atmosphere and gameplay that made the original a classic. Unfortunately, everything about this new game--from its infuriating save-game system to its awkward keyboard controls--shows that it was primarily designed for video game systems, which it was. It's a clumsy port, but what's even more disappointing is that it's a clumsy port of only a middling console g