Battery News - How to Extend Battery Life in Your Laptop

There are three things that every laptop owner should know about extending battery life in their laptop to avoid the situation that we have all been in too many times. We are doing something important on the computer or hadn't had the chance to save - thinking that we have enough time before the battery dies, and the screen goes black. The battery has powered down, without reprieve for your work! Here are some tips and tricks that can help to prolong battery life in your laptop from the guys over at BatteryFuel:

Avoid functions that take up large amount of battery power. This means Movies, and running more than two or three programs. As well, change the settings when using the laptop battery as the main source of power. These functions can be found by right clicking on the battery icon, or via the control panel. Adjusting these functions can save up to an hour of battery life.

When using the laptop ensure that it is not using valuable battery power to maintain a safe temperature for the machine. Using, and changing the battery battery at room temperature can increase the capabilities of the battery and extend the life.

Charge your battery fully - allow the battery to die completely to maintain the life of the battery. Partially charging the battery life can decrease the life of the battery substantially. Consider this when using the laptop, or shortening the charging time of the battery should you have to move. Once the laptop has been plugged in, allow the battery to charge fully for the best effects for the computer, and the battery.



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